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The Party Plan Guru Services

  • The Party Plan Guru is here to help everyone in Party Plan/Direct sales no matter what your background or business. We are here to help you as individuals and not the company. So many people have asked us about help from The Party Plan Guru that we have added a services page to help with “getting more party bookings”, “Recruiting Party Consultants” and increasing your own individual business.


  • How to Book Parties and Connect with your hostesses          –       £15 ½ hour Phone Session

In this ½ hour session you will be emailed before to find out your business and what you are currently doing to get your bookings. We will also require you to tell us about you and what your back ground is. You will then get The Party Plan Guru contact you that will be able to change the way you talk to your hostesses and also how to get bookings from nothing.

You will then get your own personal action plan for the next month to be able to achieve the goals we set in the call.


  • How to Recruit Potential Consultants into your team            –        £15 ½ hour Phone Session

Do you have trouble getting people to see the potential in your business that you saw? The Party Plan Guru will go through steps that are successful to get your team built up in a short space of time.  There are techniques she can show you to be able to show people the potential rather than feeling like you are pushing people into it. Following what The Party Plan Guru has to say in this ½ hour session will get you quality recruits that stay with you.


  • Tackling Cold Calling                                                                       –      £15 1 hour Phone Session

Do you have a fear of calling people for bookings or recruiting? The Party Plan Sales Team will show you different ways of conquering  your fear and allowing you to have successful calls all through the day. With different techniques and a personal profile they will be able to teach you how to talk to different people and still get the results you desire.


  • Building Confidence and Controlling Motivation                   –      £20 1 hour Phone/1:1 Session

Struggling on a day-to-day basis on your own motivation and also your teams motivation can set you back and get you into a rut, talking to The Party Plan Guru will help with your confidence and Motivation. We will work out a personal plan for you to increase your confidence in talking to people, talking to strangers and taking the leap of faith when you feel like you can not.


  • Business Building Coaching        – £100 for 1 week of personal coaching and FREE 30 day email contact after the week.

If you are looking to build you business and are stuck or can not move forward you need this business building coaching. The Party Plan Guru will be there for you for 1 whole week to find out about you, your business, where you want to be and also what you are doing at the moment. Everyday she will set you goals to achieve and problems to overcome with her techniques so that after just 1 week you will see an increase in all of the above. After the week you are not alone, she will be in email contact with you for 30 days where you can ask her anything from motivation, to challenges and even for just someone to talk to you and be supportive. If you want to make the most out of your business and be successful you really need this service from The Party Plan Guru.

  • Team Motivation and Coaching                           – £10 per person for 1 hour on Skype

Are you struggling to get your team motivated? Do you require external help to get your team selling or seeing their own potential in their businesses. We will get everyone on Skype at a convenient time for everyone to discuss as a group everything that is necessary. The Manager/Sponsor will not be on the line for the recruits to be able to speak freely to The Party Plan Guru, but their comments will be relayed to you so that you can see what we will be achieving and what you will need to keep an eye on. We will also train the manager/team leader for FREE when 6 people are booking a Team Motivation and Coaching Session.

  • Tailor Made Service – £neg dependant on time and requirements

If there is something that you need help with and it is not featured above, it does not mean that The Party Plan Guru is unable to do it. Contact us for a personal Tailor-made service for you and your business or even for your team.

Contact The Party Plan Guru Booking Team at or call us in the office on 01202 896857

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Party Plan Guru xx

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