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Party Plan and Preparing for Christmas

August 16, 2011

Can you believe that we are already half way through August, soon the kids will be back at school (I am sure some of you will be glad of the peace and quiet) and the next thing we are all thinking about is Christmas. Some stores like Harrods have already got their Christmas decorations up and ready for people to purchase. Personally I find it all a bit scary and it always seems to come along way too fast for my liking, but that could be because I am getting old and have a large birthday next year.!! Can you guess which one??? Comment below

I know that it is scary but you need to start thinking about Christmas, it is your busiest time of year and there is so much to do to make sure that you have a really successful one.

Plan the rest of the year out, some shops have the year calendars on offer at the moment and if you can get one and jot down everything you have going on until then. You will be able to see the weeks that you do not have anything going on, or that you only have a couple of parties booked that week. Set yourself a target and what you hope to achieve, find out or work out when your last christmas delivery will be, you don’t want to book an event after your last delivery as people will want to have this for christmas.

Think about all the parties that will be coming up soon, maybe it is an idea to get into some local businesses to be able to show off our christmas items. It is also a great time to look ahead to october and november, if you are in a an area with guest houses and hotels, get booked in now for their Tinsel and Turkey weeks and weekends and get your products sold.

I am not writing this to make you panic, you just really need to think about christmas early, this is where you will make so much more money than you did over the summer or the spring time. Remember to wear products, show them off and tell everyone you know. When friends mention about presents remind them what you do for a living and if your friend gets others to buy from you, she could get a free present of her own.

With all you consultants with new products and new catalogues out now, you need to start pushing and listen to what people are staying, if you miss something its a lost sale. Mention about the personal aspects of your products, the gift opportunities. Go through your new catalogues and make sure you know what you are talking about and what you have to offer. It will all just start to flow then.


Good Luck xx

The Party Plan Guru xx


Party Plan – Do You Spend or Not??

August 15, 2011

I wanted to write this post today as I have had a lot of people talk to me about events that they went to this weekend. I also got a few comments from you on Facebook as well about your experiences.

This weekend I had a couple of followers all at the same event in Dorset and it was set to be a great event. It was held in a large well-known place, they had been planning the event for months and it was all about families and babies (some of you may well know what I am talking about, but don’t want to mention all the details!!)

Some stand holders had paid an amount of £110.00 per 6ft table for the saturday and Sunday, not a bad price if it is for both days all weekend. There would be activities for the kids and then others would be able to have a look around the stalls for gifts for their friends or themselves. Great concept and I have to say it does work really well have a mother and baby show or baby event. The organisers had explained that they would be selling tickets before and on the weekend of the event, 1 month before they advised that they had ordered 1,000 tickets and would need to order more. (does this or does this not imply that they probably have sold the 1,000 tickets to have to order more???)

Unfortunately all of the expectations for the weekend fell down completely on the first day, not many people attended, although the organisers believed there had been 500 people through the door. If there is a family of 4 (two children, 2 Adults) 250 of these would be children, 125 are men so that only leaves about 125 women, who we all know are more likely to spend and some of the items that we sell as Party Planners/Direct Sellers are targeted to women!!!

By lunch time most of the traders were not happy as they had not sold anything, with the so-called amount of people who had been coming through the door they should have been able to sell at least 1 item, wouldn’t they????

Sunday was about the same and the organisers were about to have a revolt on their hands, did they help the stand holders, reassure them that everything was being done and had been done to make sure that people were coming through the door?? The organisers were not this way at all, they were just happy as they had made money and if the stall holders had not then that was just luck of the draw.

Now I am all for Luck of the Draw at events but when I have paid £10-£15 for the table, not £110.00. When the events are slow you will find that you are talking to other stall holders but this also means that some people are talking about the price that they paid to be there. One lady had paid £100.00 for a 6ft table and got a 4ft table and a 6ft by 6ft stand squared so most of her space was not used, another lady paid £80.00 for her stand and found that the lady next to her had a stand for £100.

I think that some of the events charge way too much for their stands and they can not always guarantee that there will be people through the door.

Think about:

  • Where you go with the kids and your partner
  • Check that there are not larger events going on on the same day
  • Think back a year and what was an event that you remember (this can be hard but you will soon realise the ones that others talk about)
  • Ask friends and family if it i something that they would attend.

You need to weigh up the pros and cons of every event that you attend and I have to say that the cheap ones are always the better ones.

Here are the answers to the questions I asked on facebook:

Thank you to Sam Cornwell, Joanne Dewberry (from and Melany Simpson for your input. Joanne is right, you should always have a budget for the events that you attend and if they are more than that, ask yourself why and is it worth it?? Melany has turned a negative into a positive, if in doubt RECRUIT!!

Comment below and tell us how you get on at events.

The Party Plan Guru xx


Tip of The Week

August 12, 2011


Yes its the holidays and Yes the kids are around all the time at the moment and I am sure that you can not wait for September to come round. But the more you think about September coming the faster it will come and you will have missed out on your kids summer holiday.

My tip of the week is to take time out with the family.

I am completely guilty of this and don’t realise I have not gone out or taken my child swimming or to the park, because I was too busy answering phone calls or sending emails.

We are all doing this to spend more time with the kids, so why don’t we???

This week, schedule in half a day or a full day with the kids or even just for yourself. You know what they say “All work and no play makes you a dull person”

The Party Plan Guru xx

Create a Summer Booking Boom

August 11, 2011

I hope your calendar is fully booked for the summer. If yours is how about everyone on your team? There are probably a few people that can use a boost. If so keep reading.

Summer can be challenging to book and have bookings hold because the kids are out of school, vacations are planned and the great weather means more spontaneous getaways than the rest of the year.

Still you can have a packed booking calendar if you remember that in the summer more than any other time of year people want to have fun. Let your potential hostesses know you are doing some theme parties for summer. Pick the three ideas that work best for you and let your hostesses pick the one of the three they can get most excited about and that will work best for them.

Here are several ideas direct sales leaders have shared with me that they use to get and keep lots of sun soaked bookings all summer season long. Share these ideas with your team and watch everyone have more fun while generating lots of summer sales:


Fondue Party

So rarely do we go anywhere the skewers and fondue pot are out that it adds novelty to any event.


Summer Hat Party

Tell all the guest to wear a fun hat. Give a raffle ticket for a prize for everyone who does and a special prize for the best one.


Mexican Fiesta with Margaritas

Have your food and beverage match one of everyone’s favorite theme. This alone can be enough to add flair to your event.


Sangria and Sandals Party

If you can have your party on the patio or by the pool serve sangria and tell everyone to wear their flip-flops and sunglasses this is sure to

let everyone know it is a casual affair.


Ice Cream Social

You provide the vanilla and chocolate icecream and ask each guest to bring a topping, reward them for doing so with a raffle ticket for a product prize. Any excuse to eat everyone’s favorite comfort food will definitely get a good turnout.


Pizza Party

Everyone enjoys a good slice- a simple idea that seems to continue be a huge hit. If you are going to heat up your own pies you can have everyone brings one topping.


Little Black Dress Party

For some of us elegant evenings are as rare as a blue moon. We all welcome an evening to dress up. Serve champagne (and sparking apple cider) and tell everyone to dress up. This of course is ideal for a Friday or Saturday night party. If your business is ideal for couples an elegant couples evening is sure to be a successful affair.


Out with the Old in With The New Party

If you are selling art or clothes or jewelry or home décor or even kitchen gadgets this theme party idea is for you. We all have some things that we are ready to retire. Have each guest bring one of more items they want to get rid of that are in the same category of what you are showcasing at your party. You can take all the items and donate them to charity and you can give raffle tickets for the guests bringing some items to donate.

There are some great ideas here. Add a little pizazz to your summer and more fun for your hostesses and guests. The more fun the more bookings and sales.

Do you have some more ideas to share? Post them in the comments!

Check out Caterina Rando here

We hope you enjoyed today’s Article and Thank you Caterina Rando for this great post.

The Party Plan Guru xx

Getting Party Bookings – Open House

August 10, 2011

When you joined your business I am sure that you were told about having an open house? Even if you have just started or you have been in party plan for a while you should organise an open house.

These can be called different things over the year, an open house, product launch, new season review anything you like. For all of you, you will be seeing a new catalogue arrive shortly with the products ready for Christmas so why not have a New Season review. Treat your home as a shop and allow people to come over and test the products and give their opinion on the items. It will allow you to have information to pass on to your customers that this is what people say about it. It will also mean that you will be able to get some orders from these people. Friends, work colleagues, neighbours and even people who you have met at fairs and fetes. Treat everyone as your friends, even roll it out to your mailing list.

The more people who you invite the more interest you will get. If you house is not that big then suggest a time across the day that you will have available and will be OPEN for business. It can be for a couple of hours in the morning, a couple in the afternoon and then an hour or so in the evening. Especially in the summer this is great if you can get a day that has great weather and get them to bring the kids with them to play in the garden.

Having an open house will make you more comfortable as it is your own surroundings and you will see the difference in your passion and enthusiasm for the products and the business. Open Houses are great to show people your products in a non party environment, the people attending will have a more relaxed attitude as well.

What are your thoughts, have you had an open house before, how did it go for you? Let us know your comments below

The Party Plan Guru xx

Party Planning – Advertising your Business Well

August 9, 2011

Advertising can be one of the most expensive things that you do with your business and finding the right place to advertise can be hard. I have been looking at various different advertising sites over the last couple of weeks and have noticed that some people are not advertising their business as well as they could be.

I was looking on these different sites to find some contact details for people to let them know about The Party Plan Guru and I came across some common problems. If you were advertising your business how would the hostess get in touch with you. There are some sites out there that mean the hostess fill in an online form to contact you, if you can also have your own contact details then it is much better for you to get contacted straight away.

I tried calling a couple of people to see if I could get a couple of party bookings and to my amazement I found that some of these people did not even call me back, AT ALL.

I know that most of us are full-time mums or have full-time jobs alongside our businesses but that is no excuse to not call anyone back. If it is a booking coming to you, surely that is great news, it manes you can go on that weekend away or you might be getting another 3 bookings from it, You never know until you call them back.

There are so many sites out there on the web and on Facebook, that will allow you to advertise for free. I ran an article yesterday about free advertising on my site for the next month and only 5 people came back to me. Does this mean that my site is not very good and people don’t want to advertise? or are some people just not that bothered to be sending an email? I could not tell you the answer as I do not know, but if I have an opportunity to advertise my business for FREE I would be jumping at the chance. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, don’t I??

The point of my ramblings is that you need to make sure you do some major checking when you advertise:

  • Make sure all of your contact details are on your advert. Otherwise, how will anyone contact you.
  • Get on as many free advertising websites as you can, if you not on Findaparty and Party Plan United yet, get on them.
  • Get to know the businesses in the area and you will be amazed at the response.
  • Contact people back when they contact you, you may not think that anything will come out of it but you have to have the customer service behind your business otherwise you will not have a business.

So this week try looking around at different sites that you have advertised on and see if all of your information is up to date, correct and relevant.


Tha Party Plan Guru xx




Do You Want To Advertise Your Business??

August 8, 2011

Advertising your business is what you need to do to show everyone that you are available to take orders and party bookings. We thought that we would help you out over the next couple of months and allow you to advertise your business with us for FREE.

All you need to do is send us a logo image (jpeg), website details and we will then add you to our website. With over 200 views everyday you will see your business increase and it wont cost you a penny. Your advert will appear on the right hand side of these pages and ever page that people visit.


If you are interested in having an advert on The Party Plan Guru please email us at