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Mystery Shop Lady

The Party Plan Guru Was There!!

The Party Plan Guru was at a friends Bodyshop party the other night, was it you??

I have to say I was really looking forward to this party, as I have not ever been to a bodyshop party before and was really interested to see what they would be doing,

When everyone arrived I was greeted by the hostess and shown into the living room where other people were and the bodyshop consultant had already set up her products on the dining table.

To begin with, as other people arrived, the consultant seemed quiet and would make the odd comment in response to someone’s conversation (understandable when you don’t know people) When everyone had arrived and had been fed and watered (by this I mean wine had hit the glasses) the consultant started with an icebreaker game. We were all told to sit in a circle and 3 of the guests were given a yellow ball of tissue paper. The consultant then proceeded with the left/right game, for those of you that don’t know it’s a small story about Mr Right, Mrs Right and when the left home etc….. when left and right is mentioned the guests pass the parcel to the left or the right. Very funny game and I could imagine after having a couple of glasses of wine the game could be very interesting.

I had seen the game done before and have to say seeing others get there left and right muddled up is very comical, no wonder us women get slated for not getting directions right!!!!!! So at the end of this game three people got two tester products in their balls of tissue paper (this is great to be able to get people to use the products and hopefully buy off you in future) there was a tester of facial scrub and a very weeny pot of shower gel, which would not of covered my hand let alone my whole body to be able to see in full what it would be like.

And so the art of selling products begin…….

The consultant introduced herself and jumped right into why she loves her job and why she started with bodyshop. This was very brief and I can honestly say I still don’t know why she joined and why it benefits her and her lifestyle etc.

We then went on to the hostess having a foot scrub, whilst this was going on the products were being passed around to be smelt. I was overwhelmed at the amount of knowledge the consultant had about where the product ingredients came from and how the ingredients helped the Fairtrade communities and how it helped sustain their work and local economy. This was all very interesting and fascinating but do you really need all that information in one hit????? What do you think

She finished by mentioning job opportunities and if you wanted to know more than to speak to her, because I am not sure how it would have benefited me I probably would not of spoken to her if I was just a normal attendee, she gave me no interest in joining apart from the fact it would get her to area manager and that would be great for her!!!!

We were all given brochures at the beginning of the night to be able to look through at our leisure. At the end of the demonstration we were told about the offers that were on at the moment and that they were on the table for you to be able to try.

After this we had time to talk, go to the toilet and get more wine (if needed). The consultant then moved around the room talking to groups of people and this is where I found she explained about particular products for different people. As I said before, she was very knowledgable and helpful at this point with regards to what was in the products and how it would help them in their daily skin care regime.

People were starting to fill in the forms and hand them in with their card details, at the end I asked how much the hostess had taken on the night, her sales were £250.00 WAS THIS BECAUSE OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE CONSULTANT OR DID THE GUESTS JUST WANT TO BY BODYSHOP PRODUCTS?

Yes I want to know about what the products have in them and also how the large businesses are helping communities out that provide the products but I don’t feel that the whole party should be about that. You should make your clients free relaxed and keep it simple, some people are there to have a good time and not to have a history or geographical lesson and feel that if you over load your hostess and guests with this kind of information they may turn off very fast.

It would be interesting to know what you think and if I am being wrong, maybe I just want to know about how these products will make me feel rather than where they come from, but others may wish to know all the background information.

Please comment on this blog if you feel that differently to the Party Plan Guru.

The Party Plan Guru xxx

If you would like to be featured under the mystery shopper then please email she could be coming to your next event.



The Party Plan Guru is always watching

Here at the Party Plan Guru we are always interested in new and exciting ways that people recruit consultants, get parties booked and just generally how they interact with their hostesses. So we don’t just sit around and listen to the stories, oh no we actually make them!!!! Every Month we will be calling one Party Plan Consultant to see what she has to say about her business, products and just general information that she want’s to tell us. We will be finding out how she handles us and shows us how we can benefit from allowing her to come to the home of The Party Plan Guru and make us buy things.

The Party Plan Guru is secret and she will never reveal her identity, so she may just be sat in the home of her friends and not having the party herself, so you had better watch out. She will be rating:

1. The Fun of the party

2. The product information

3. How well she knows her products

4. Too much selling banter or pushing into recruitment

And Much Much More ………………..

So if you are a Party Planner in the UK Watch Out, The Party Plan Guru might be attending your next party!!!!!!

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