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The Party Plan Guru is dedicated to help Party Planners/Direct Sellers achieve more out of their businesses. The Party Plan Guru will provide you with

  • Business hints and tips,
  • Private/team coaching,
  • Ice Breaker/Party Plan games,
  • How to host a party,
  • How to recruit quality consultants
  • How to Increase Sales and Get the Party Plan Bookings you need
  • How to encourage and inspire your team
  • and much more………

If you are looking for some hints, tips and support for your Party Plan/Direct Selling business then you need to follow The Party Plan Guru. Every week a different person from the Plarty Plan/Direct Selling sector will write about their experiences that they have had, whether they are good or bad, so that you can relate to people better. We have felt that your managers/sponsors and companies sometimes can be very corporate and it can hinder a person increasing their sales and how they approach the public to get parties, so The Party Plan Guru is here to help YOU make a success out of your individual businesses.

Why not see what The Party Plan Guru can do for you!!!



Twitter: @partyplanguru

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  1. July 13, 2011 3:31 pm

    Hi, i am really new to Party Planning and really struggling to find leads. I joined ‘Girlie Gardening’, a while ago because I really liked the products, and the fact that it was something bit different. My launch party was at my Mums, it was Ok, but 90 miles from home, so no good for follow ups. My second was last week I invited all the neighbours(30+), and not one turned up!!!! Luckily a couple of friends came, one of them is having a party in September. Because of what I sell I don’t have a lot of stock, it’s mostly sold through the catalogue on the night, with the emphasis on having a party.I’m stuggling to know where to go to get the leads, as I don’t know many people where I live. HELP!!!!!

  2. August 29, 2011 7:31 pm

    That is great, I am so glad that you find the site informative

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