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Tip Of the Week

August 26, 2011

Everyone I am sure will be glad to know that the school holidays are nearly over and you will be able to resume normal activity.

It makes me laugh that people start their own businesses so that they are able to spend more time with their kids, the problem is that when they get older it is not as easy to keep them entertained while you are trying to run your business from home.

Just to add a bit more pressure for you, have you thought about when they do go back, have you organised your time and already started booking up parties and events ready for christmas? If you have not thought about it then I am sure others have done and you might find it a bit of a struggle to get on to some events. I know it is hard, but take some time out of your day over the next coupld of days and sort out all of the different places you might wish to attend.

My tip this week is to get organised and sort out the toddler groups and nurserys in your area. When they all go back you are able to make sure that you are attedning on the lead up to christmas. If it is good you may think about attending every month until christmas so that all of the mums will know you will be there, if they dont have money the first time, they will the second time.

The more things that you are able to set the ball rolling for now, before the kids go back to school, the less likely you are going to find yourself in a lull or take a couple of week to get back into the swing of things.

“Fail to Prepare, then Prepare to Fail”

Make it your mission for the next couple of days next week to set aside time to focus on when the kids go back to school and you will be able to spend the rest of the holidays with them.

The Party Plan Guru xx



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