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Recruiting Party Plan Consultants

August 23, 2011

As it is coming up to one of the businest times of year for us all I thought that I would put a few tips down on how to recruit into your business and just making a few changes could mean more consultants for you

4 Great Ways to Get Interested Folks to Join Your Business

• Use the internet – Nowadays, almost everyone is on Facebook. Since it is a great way to reconnect with long lost friends, this website is being used by almost everyone on the planet. Through this website, many also post business opportunity announcements, marketing tactics and even event posters. You can use this to your advantage because you will be able to get more people to see your event.

• Offer delicious snacks – During your event, make sure that you offer delicious snacks to your guests. This is because if you have delicious food, they won’t feel the need to get out of the vicinity. In fact, there are some of them who will be back for seconds. This is a great way you can get them to listen to you attentively.

• Be funny and conversational – Since the point of the party is to get them to listen about your business proposal, you have to make sure that your speech is conversational and funny. You don’t necessarily have to train for a stand up comedienne. You just need to know how to hit the right marks in terms of keeping guests entertained. When you are able to do this correctly, your guests will want to stay until the end of your speech because they are so engrossed in what you are saying.

• Be direct and straight to the point – It is only common that people hate being lied to. When you are inviting them to your party, make sure that you tell them that you have a business proposal they might be interested in. Never keep quiet about your purpose of inviting them to the event. If you do this, they will only be disappointed and have a negative notion from the start of the event. Even if you are selling them something that’s highly marketable, they will not agree with it because they have been lied to.

Make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above. When you do, you can see a huge amount of people who will want to be part of your direct selling business in no time.

The Party Plan Guru xx

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