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Party Plan Games/Icebreakers

August 22, 2011

Here are my top 5 games for this month, Enjoy:

The Worm Game

For this game you will need one small gift nicely wrapped or in a
gift bag.

“This is the worm. This worm is going to help us get acquainted
today.” Start by introducing yourself and describe kitchen with an adjective that begins with the same letter of your first name.  For example, My name is Melissa and my kitchen is messy and this is the worm. Then the next person will introduce themselves and repeat back the first person’s name and kitchen description.  This keeps going until everyone has introduced themselves and everyone prior to them.  As the group continues to pass the worm and introduce themselves and previous people, the Rep. should assist anyone needing help with name and/or adjective. After everyone is done the Rep. takes the worm back. Then will ask “Who was the first guest to arrive here today?”  When the person is identified, they are given the worm (gift), and the Rep. says, “Great, the early bird gets the worm!”

Where am I Game (or What am I Game)

This simple icebreaker game works great to get your guests talking to each other, and it helps to avoid deafening silence at the start of your party when no one knows each other).

Cut photos out of magazines (or print your own), and tape one photo to each guest’s back as they come in. Each guest has to ask other guests simple questions about  what the photo is in order to guess what his or her picture is of (Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate bridge, or some type of animal or common item). Each guest who figures out what his or her picture is gets a small gift or discount. Be prepared for all guests to win (so pre-set discounts are probably the best!)

The Floor Game

Give each guest three pieces of paper and ask them to put their name on each piece.  Collect all papers and put them in a bag or bowl.  On the floor, place three or four small prizes.  Start calling names from the bowl.  When each name is called the guests have to pick something from the floor.  When the items are gone off the floor, they have to take from each other.  When all the names have been called three times, the guests left holding a prize wins.

Blue Light Special

This is  fun for everyone.

Set timer and demonstrate your product. What ever item your holding when the timer goes off is on sale for the duration of the party.

How well do you know your hostess?

Give a piece of paper to your guest and have them number it from 1-10 then ask them the following questions.

1) What is your hostess’s favorite color?
2) If she could have any vehicle what would it be?
3) How many kids does she have?
4) What is her favorite hobby?
5) Who is her favorite actor/actress?
6) What is her favorite item on the table?
7) What is her favorite scent (can be a perfume)?
8) What is her favorite cartoon / cartoon character?
9) What is her favorite animal?
10) If you were in need of something would your hostess give it to you if she can?

After everyone answers the questions then I read the question again to the hostess and she will reply out loud what her answer is, and they would mark on the paper if they got it right or wrong. Then they total up their score.

Now you can rearrange or change any of these questions but this gives you an ideal of a game you can play.  I put the last one in there and saved it for last cause this is a way to lead into how your guest can get free products and help your hostess at the same time for having a party. Cause right now your hostess needs something from them that they are the only ones that can give it to her, and that is to book a party so she can get more free products. The one with the most answers correct gets something from the goodie bag.


The Party Plan Guru xx




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  1. August 22, 2011 6:16 pm

    These are great ideas! and easy to work with. Keep them coming PPG! and thanks 🙂

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