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Party Plan – Do You Spend or Not??

August 15, 2011

I wanted to write this post today as I have had a lot of people talk to me about events that they went to this weekend. I also got a few comments from you on Facebook as well about your experiences.

This weekend I had a couple of followers all at the same event in Dorset and it was set to be a great event. It was held in a large well-known place, they had been planning the event for months and it was all about families and babies (some of you may well know what I am talking about, but don’t want to mention all the details!!)

Some stand holders had paid an amount of £110.00 per 6ft table for the saturday and Sunday, not a bad price if it is for both days all weekend. There would be activities for the kids and then others would be able to have a look around the stalls for gifts for their friends or themselves. Great concept and I have to say it does work really well have a mother and baby show or baby event. The organisers had explained that they would be selling tickets before and on the weekend of the event, 1 month before they advised that they had ordered 1,000 tickets and would need to order more. (does this or does this not imply that they probably have sold the 1,000 tickets to have to order more???)

Unfortunately all of the expectations for the weekend fell down completely on the first day, not many people attended, although the organisers believed there had been 500 people through the door. If there is a family of 4 (two children, 2 Adults) 250 of these would be children, 125 are men so that only leaves about 125 women, who we all know are more likely to spend and some of the items that we sell as Party Planners/Direct Sellers are targeted to women!!!

By lunch time most of the traders were not happy as they had not sold anything, with the so-called amount of people who had been coming through the door they should have been able to sell at least 1 item, wouldn’t they????

Sunday was about the same and the organisers were about to have a revolt on their hands, did they help the stand holders, reassure them that everything was being done and had been done to make sure that people were coming through the door?? The organisers were not this way at all, they were just happy as they had made money and if the stall holders had not then that was just luck of the draw.

Now I am all for Luck of the Draw at events but when I have paid £10-£15 for the table, not £110.00. When the events are slow you will find that you are talking to other stall holders but this also means that some people are talking about the price that they paid to be there. One lady had paid £100.00 for a 6ft table and got a 4ft table and a 6ft by 6ft stand squared so most of her space was not used, another lady paid £80.00 for her stand and found that the lady next to her had a stand for £100.

I think that some of the events charge way too much for their stands and they can not always guarantee that there will be people through the door.

Think about:

  • Where you go with the kids and your partner
  • Check that there are not larger events going on on the same day
  • Think back a year and what was an event that you remember (this can be hard but you will soon realise the ones that others talk about)
  • Ask friends and family if it i something that they would attend.

You need to weigh up the pros and cons of every event that you attend and I have to say that the cheap ones are always the better ones.

Here are the answers to the questions I asked on facebook:

Thank you to Sam Cornwell, Joanne Dewberry (from and Melany Simpson for your input. Joanne is right, you should always have a budget for the events that you attend and if they are more than that, ask yourself why and is it worth it?? Melany has turned a negative into a positive, if in doubt RECRUIT!!

Comment below and tell us how you get on at events.

The Party Plan Guru xx


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