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Create a Summer Booking Boom

August 11, 2011

I hope your calendar is fully booked for the summer. If yours is how about everyone on your team? There are probably a few people that can use a boost. If so keep reading.

Summer can be challenging to book and have bookings hold because the kids are out of school, vacations are planned and the great weather means more spontaneous getaways than the rest of the year.

Still you can have a packed booking calendar if you remember that in the summer more than any other time of year people want to have fun. Let your potential hostesses know you are doing some theme parties for summer. Pick the three ideas that work best for you and let your hostesses pick the one of the three they can get most excited about and that will work best for them.

Here are several ideas direct sales leaders have shared with me that they use to get and keep lots of sun soaked bookings all summer season long. Share these ideas with your team and watch everyone have more fun while generating lots of summer sales:


Fondue Party

So rarely do we go anywhere the skewers and fondue pot are out that it adds novelty to any event.


Summer Hat Party

Tell all the guest to wear a fun hat. Give a raffle ticket for a prize for everyone who does and a special prize for the best one.


Mexican Fiesta with Margaritas

Have your food and beverage match one of everyone’s favorite theme. This alone can be enough to add flair to your event.


Sangria and Sandals Party

If you can have your party on the patio or by the pool serve sangria and tell everyone to wear their flip-flops and sunglasses this is sure to

let everyone know it is a casual affair.


Ice Cream Social

You provide the vanilla and chocolate icecream and ask each guest to bring a topping, reward them for doing so with a raffle ticket for a product prize. Any excuse to eat everyone’s favorite comfort food will definitely get a good turnout.


Pizza Party

Everyone enjoys a good slice- a simple idea that seems to continue be a huge hit. If you are going to heat up your own pies you can have everyone brings one topping.


Little Black Dress Party

For some of us elegant evenings are as rare as a blue moon. We all welcome an evening to dress up. Serve champagne (and sparking apple cider) and tell everyone to dress up. This of course is ideal for a Friday or Saturday night party. If your business is ideal for couples an elegant couples evening is sure to be a successful affair.


Out with the Old in With The New Party

If you are selling art or clothes or jewelry or home décor or even kitchen gadgets this theme party idea is for you. We all have some things that we are ready to retire. Have each guest bring one of more items they want to get rid of that are in the same category of what you are showcasing at your party. You can take all the items and donate them to charity and you can give raffle tickets for the guests bringing some items to donate.

There are some great ideas here. Add a little pizazz to your summer and more fun for your hostesses and guests. The more fun the more bookings and sales.

Do you have some more ideas to share? Post them in the comments!

Check out Caterina Rando here

We hope you enjoyed today’s Article and Thank you Caterina Rando for this great post.

The Party Plan Guru xx

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