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Tip of The Week – Just because its the Summer does not mean you have no sales

August 5, 2011

I wanted to just touch on the summer holidays. I know that most of you may be thinking that the schools have broken up and that there is no business as everyone has gone on holiday, but there is still business to be had, you just need to think differently.

Al most everyone in Party Plan/Direct sales will be able to go to local Hotels or Holiday spots to sell your items. Try and get a stand at a hotel in the lobby over their dinner period, when people are coming down from dinner they can see your products and when they are at dinner they will talk about your products and when they finish dinner then they will buy your products.

If you did not wish to have a stand but treat it as a party, why not talk to the general manager of the hotel and see when they don’t have entertainment on, advertise an evening of fun and games as well have having products on sale. Some of the games will be so funny as well.

Just thinking of where people will be rather than you are unable to sell anything will allow you to have a very successful business in months that others are moaning there is not enough.

Now get out there and show us its possible.

The Party Plan Guru xx

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