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Getting the Most Out of Your Party Plan/Direct Sales Team

August 4, 2011

Some of you that are reading this may already have a very successful team along with you and others of you may only be starting out into the world of recruiting and team management. Whether you have 1 team member or 40 you need to make sure that you are there for them and that you can help them, but this is their own business too and they need to work just as hard as you.

You need to remind some of the team how you got to where you are now, was it sitting on the sofa all day or was it going out and meeting people to make sure that your business does well? Your team will relate to you more if you show them that you are a human being, some people who choose to be a party planner do so so that they can get away from the manager in their full-time job. If you are phoning them all the time to tell them this is what they have to do, don’t you think that they are more likely to leave than continue with you???

The Party Plan Guru with NO Makeup

Now I sound like the monster!!!!! This is me by the way ——–

You don’t want to sound too pushy and aggressive, they already know the commission structures and they will soon find out that you pushing them to make money means that YOU will make money. Now this is totally correct and you are looking out for yourself, but what happens when you have NO ONE to manage????

Be someone who the consultants are able to turn to, make them feel positive about the products and the business opportunities for THEM. Encouragement is what it is all about, if they can see that you are being supportive then they will work for you so much harder. I had to leave a company once that I was a manager in, I was so passionate about the bonuses and the money that I forgot about the people working for me. I ended up trying to do all events and parties myself, I was getting people to contact me and me only and I started to use underhand tactics to get what I wanted. I could see that I was not this person normally and I started to hate myself for it.

The reason that I am telling you this is because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I once did. Also if you feel like you are heading down that road or you just need to motivate your party plan team, then here is how:

Most Team Managers and Team Leaders will meet with their consultants and go over what is going on for the next month and how to increase your sales and also their maybe a few prizes but why not do something different? Team building is used in some of the largest companies in the world and they have proven to be successful in retaining employees and maximizing their working, so why should it be any different for your team, your business??

it does not have to be anything massive so here are some suggestions:

  • A meal out
  • A Morning Pampering in a local salon or hotel
  • Morning tea at yours in the garden with fancy cakes and sandwiches
  • Family day out to a local park or farm where you can all take your families with a picnic

These different team building ideas means that you are creating a fun environment to work in, yes you can talk about business but the idea is to get to know who your team really are.

If more information on team building then contact us on or call 01425 511455.

The Party Plan Guru xx



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