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Party Planning and Organising an Event

August 2, 2011

I have found over the years that if we are not fast enough to an event I normally find that another company doing similar products is there already. This is one of the reason that I say to people, that Networking has to be one of the best ways to keep up to date with events. When I went to one of my first events I met a lady who told me about an event she was on, she said she would email me the details, ever week after that she would let me know about new events coming up and I was finding that I had so many I just could not keep up with them.

However, sometimes the best events already had a similar product going and I was missing out on so many large events. I did not let this hold me back though, I just started organising my own. Over the next couple of minutes I will explain to you about organising your own event. It takes a little time to begin with but if you follow the information you will find that once the first bits are in place the rest flows nicely and you will not need to spend too much time on it.

Some of the best events at the moment are Ladies pamper nights and ladies shopping events, now does this mean that us women spend too much money? I don’t think so……

1st: Look at locations in your area that will be suitable for an evening or daytime event.

  • Village Hall
  • Hotel (maybe able to get discount when buying tea a coffee for the stall holders)
  • Sports Hall
  • Golf club
  • Church hall
  • there are loads more, some places, if you are doing it for charity, may even give you the venue for free

2nd: Look at dates on different websites to see if there is anything else going on, if you are in competition with a larger event that has more money for advertising then your event may well be quiet.

3rd: Decide on a theme, charity, shopping, pamper or both shopping and pampering

4th: Work out costings, so many people forget about this:

  • How much for the venue
  • How much for Leaflets to be printed
  • How many tables can you get into the room to cover your costs
  • are you going to sell tickets to the event? If you sell them you will be able to track how many people may be attending as stall holders will ask for this.

5th: You may wish to have a banner for your event outside the venue, you can get banners quiet cheap, I use you can sometimes get one for about £17.00 each

6th: Once you have your venue, date and theme you will be able to contact stall holders. The best places I have found to advertise are:

  • Local radio Stations (Free online advertising)
  • (free advertising on the Whats On board and free to sign up)
  • (Free to list your event) This is the best place you can advertise your event to Stall finders, one advert and they come to you.

7th: Advertising the event in local areas – make sure get enough leaflets to do a leaflet drop door to door and also in local shops all in the area. some shops will charge you to put it in their windows but if you ask to leave some for their customers, ie Hairdressers, Fish and Chip shops, newsagent they will usually allow it. Dont forget to also mention it to the person you are giving the leaflets too, they may want to come and can also tell others about it in more details.

8th: Keep a list of all the stand holders that are attending and make booking forms to email to everyone so that you can keep a record of who has paid and who has not.

This gives you an outline of what to do with planning your own event, you may wish it to be huge or small and you may want it to be for a charity or not.If you wanted to do something on a Saturday or Sunday day then think about things for kids to do to. A venue that has a playground or climbing equipment or even get some entertainment for them. This way the parents are more likely to come and they will spend more as they are not worried what the kids are up to.

If you would like more information on starting and running your own event, then please contact us at or call us on 01425 511455.

The Party Plan Guru xx



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