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Tip of The Week – Oh So Very Simple

July 29, 2011

To be honest the Tip of The Week, this week, is going to be very short but it is one of the most important I feel.

So many people are so obsessed with getting new customers and new party bookings that the older ones can be forgotten about. All of those people who have already had a party with you and have already loved your products are sure to want a party again, especially as there are always new products. I would usually email a news letter to everyone first and then I would follow this up with a phone call a couple of days later. There are also people at these parties that did not book a party with you on the night but many now be thinking about having a party. Revisit all of your old customers/clients that have had parties or have attended parties, this is why we data capture the people who we meet.

It is one of the most simplest things to do but some people just forget about the old customers and move on to the next. For business that get repeat business, ie makeup, healthy living products, candles etc this is something that you should be doing and doing very well as we all need to replace the things we have loved. For the Party Planners out there that seem to get one-off parties for example jewellery or sentimental items, remember that the people that have already bought this will be showing them off or given as a gift so you should always get back in touch, you never know they may have another wedding or best friends birthday coming up again soon.

Next time you are worried about getting new parties and clients, think about the ones that have been loyal already!!! xx

The Party Plan Guru xx


Twitter: @partyplanguru

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