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How do I recruit people into my Party Plan Business

July 28, 2011

Recruiting people into your party plan business can sometime feel like you are swimming against the current and you may get less motivated to do it if you have been having a run of knock backs with parties. I have always wondered why people can sometimes not be that interested in joining the business that I love doing and also the freedom of being their own boss.

When I have been researching some of the highest party planners in different company’s I have noticed one thing that every one of them is doing, “talking enthusiastically” about their business and their products. They don’t have to say much about it and I am hooked with what they are saying. The majority of the time they are not talking about me joining and all the benefits of doing it, like the incentive schemes and the commission structure but they are showing me the products that are available. They have such passion in their tone of voice and how they are presenting the way their products sell. Too many times I notice people changing the passion into something that they are unable to talk nicely about and this in when people will see this. If you are not excited about your business and the items that you sell, people will not want to join.

The majority of party planners get their new recruits from the parties that they have done, why is this? because you are having fun and you are showing the guests your passion and why you love what you do. They are not joining your business because they just like the products, they are joining the business because they can see you having fun while earning money and also how the products are received by their friends in the room.

If you are finding it hard to recruit people, think about how you are presenting your business opportunity to someone. Take 5 minutes out of your day and think about the benefits about joining and why you did. Most of the people who you approach about your business will see what you saw but you will have to show this. I would also say to get another consultant or your manager to see what your presentation is like and see if they would make any changes. I know that we all hate role play, bad experiences when we were at school, but it will help you to see where you might be able to change things around. Get your partner or husband to sit with you of an evening and let them listen to you. At the end ask them if they would join, if they would not then why not??

At the bottom of this page you are able to leave a comment and this is what I want you all who are reading this to do:

STEP 1-  Teach More

  1. Scroll to the bottom, where this page says “Leave a Reply”…. Tell Us about your business and what you do?
  2. How would you describe your ideal customer and how do you help them?
  3. Tell us something interesting about yourself that you would only share with friends.
  4. Make sure you add your Facebook and Twitter Link

STEP 2- Give More!

  1. After you share your story, check out others people’s stories.
  2. Comment and help each other.
  3. Share connections and put people together.
  4. Add them on FB & Twitter and ask how you can help them.

STEP 3-  Earn More

This will actually grow your network and business in the long run. Follow others and grow connections.  Visit and comment if they have a site.  Share on Facebook and twitter.
I look forward to reading your comments and stories!!

We all know and have heard on the radio and televisions that the economy is not what it should be and that more and more people are looking for jobs, so why not go to these people? you are probably thinking that I am out of my tree and how can you get to so many people?

Here are some ideas for you to be thinking about:

  • Joanne Dewberry from Networking Mummies runs a recruitment Fair in Bournemouth twice or three times a year, this may be something that she is doing in your area You may also know of a recruitment fair in your area and it is something you really should consider being at. If not why not run your own and speak to Joanne.
  • Go to the Local Job Centre and see if there is a way of you being able to advertise there, they may even allow you to have a stand at their busiest times to show people that there is more than just the jobs they have on their books.
  • If you are unable to do the above, think about your local shopping centre or market, you will be able to have a stand at a cheap cost and be able to get out to more people. Advertising for a summer job or even money for christmas is great as every one needs the extra income.
  • Get the word out there, speak to the lady behind the till at the supermarket, she may just be looking for something to get her out of the 9-5 or just wants some extra money that she can earn, give her details and ask her to put it up in the staff room or staff canteen.

These ideas are just a start at what can be done to increase your team, it is also a way of networking ad getting people to your social media sites too.

If you would like more information on recruiting then please contact The Party Plan Guru on or call the office on 01425 511455.

Good Luck

The Party Plan Guru xx


Twitter: @partyplanguru

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