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Why I Won’t Do 9-5

July 25, 2011

My name is Jane and I have been in direct sales for 26 years, I joined when my two boys were just 2 and 4.   I was at a toddler group one morning and my friend was telling me how a mutual friend of ours had become a Tupperware lady and had got a car……………  I just made a flippant remark like that sounds good, I could do something like that.  By 5pm that night I had joined Tupperware.

I thank that lady for offering me the Direct Sales Opportunity. I sometimes  wonder what path I would have taken if I had not been at that toddler group that day.  Fate !

Direct Sales for me meant that I could fit around my family’s life, taking them to school, being involved at the school with the clubs etc., but also earning a good income that would improve all of our family’s lifestyle. 

Whatever direct sales company you join, they all give us the freedom from 9 – 5, we work when we want and we answer only to ourselves.  Nobody will ever make you redundant in direct sales.  Plus if you need some extra income, you book more parties or recruit more people.

I was with Tupperware for nearly 20 years, building a big team in the Dorset area and then moving on to become a Distributor with my husband, we had a great business and a great lifestyle……..both working together, but having time for our boys. Tupperware UK closed and I had to move on. 

I knew I could not do a 9 – 5 job as I had been self-employed for so long.  I joined Vie at home on the 2nd November 2002, it cost me about £120 to join and I went on to build one of the biggest business in the area, I turned over 1 million in my first year, achieving my company car…………..

Direct sales has its ups and downs, it is not all plain sailing, but you have to learn to ride the lows and surf the highs.  I have had a lot of no’s in the business, but a No never hurt anyone, and I always say when I get a 100 no’s in a row I will leave the business, it has never happened, that is why I am still here.

I ditch all the negative people who come my way………… I want to be surrounded by positive people.

I touch my business every day, remember it’s not the hours you put into your business it’s the business you put into your hours.

I have short-term achievable goals, and also long-term goals.  You need a goal…………..if you miss it you still will have had a better business than you would have done.

I offer this amazing opportunity every day to people I meet in my everyday life, I never go out without a business card or catalogue in my bag……………You just do not know where you will meet your next new lady. I talk the opportunity all the time, and I talk manager opportunity………..from day one………..this is where the big money can be earned.  “Build the people and they will build the business.”

I love to see people come into the business and develop, get confidence as they go forward achieving their goals and their dreams.  Many young mums are building a Direct sales business for themselves, being at home with the children, saving a fortune on child care cost.

I love, with a passion what I do, I love the products I sale, and I believe in them and I believe truly in the company I work for.

The day I wake up and say I don’t want to go to work today, is the day I leave.

For me now,  I am working towards my retirement fund, this is the great thing,  I don’t have to retire, I can work the business as long as I want to.

There are hazards in anything one does, but there are greater hazards in doing nothing.



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