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Managing your party plan team effectively

July 22, 2011

OK, so now you have your team in place, all that’s left to do is mentor them, train them, take complaints, this list goes on. How should you prioritise this and make the most of the time you have.

Wouldn’t it be great to have 48 hours in one day! Your time is limited. As a successful party planner, you now have your own team to look after. You will know by now that not everyone is sat by their phone waiting for you to call them and book in their parties. You have to go out there and get them and you work hard for them.

Well, this also goes for your team and they can find it as frustrating and hard as you did when you first started out. My biggest piece of advice for you is to manage their expectations from the start of their career in your team. Right from the word go you need to be honest with them. Many of them will have seen the fun part of the business. They will more than likely have been to a party and loved it and want to join your team. Most people do not think of the work that is involved.

First and foremost you need to ascertain as to what they want from party plan. Do they want to earn an extra £50 a month? A week? A day? Are they looking for a career or just something to put some extra pennies into a savings account. Finding this out will not only help you to show them what level of commitment is involved with what they want to achieve, but it will also help your stress levels when mentoring them. There is no point asking a consultant why they haven’t done £500 of sales this month, when they only want to earn and extra £50. This will frustrate them and you.

The other thing to establish from the beginning is what you expect of them. I.e. agreed regular contact once a week, or once a fortnight, whatever works for you and the consultant. This means you can keep in contact at whatever time frame is convenient for the both of you. This doesn’t need to be on the phone, it can be as simple as a text or an email. This means you can find out what he/she has booked party wise, and also what he/she may need help with. This needs to be written down or put in the diary so you know when to contact her. The other thing to establish from the beginning is what the consultant can expect from you. Below I have written what I tell my consultants. Since doing this it has really helped me as I found I had 1 or 2 consultants that were draining me completely and I had no energy left to help anyone else or get my own work done.

My job is to be there and help my consultants to the best of my ability. New consultants get my mobile number, email address and are added to my face book group I have for my team. They are welcome to contact me at anytime they choose, but must respect that I will not always be able to answer the phone or answer their queries straight away. But they are welcome to leave a message and I will get back to them as soon as I can. They also have my upline managers number so if there is an urgent problem they have someone else to call. The face book group is where they can share ideas and give POSITIVE feedback on parties and events they have done. If negative comments go up, I take them off as they can have a negative effect on other consultants. Its also a chance for recognition if I feel someone is doing well.

Above all else, you will always have a consultant who maybe pushes you a little too far. We are not designed to be everyone’s best friend. My advice, give it half an hour before you respond to anything as is better not to answer with an angry head.

Motto: Work smarter not harder and get your team working with you not for you.

By the Party Plan Angel

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