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Party Planning the Old School Way

July 20, 2011

As most of you are aware, I have recently moved house and this brings new challenges to me as a Party plan/direct seller. I have to start with a new group of customers and to try to build up knowledge for my business again in a completely different area. Lets just say the move was not the best in the world and I found myself living back with my parents for 2 weeks while I ripped out the kitchen and started all over again as well as the normal problems of moving, changing addresses and notifying the water board etc. It was not the smoothest move and the complications of everything has made me decide that I am definitely not moving ever again!!

So once everything was starting to look great I thought that the internet provider that I have had not contacted me about the date that they would be adding me back online. I managed to get my emails sent to me on my phone, like most modern business people and the day that I was thinking about them not contacting me I got an email. “unfortunately, we have been unable to proceed with your request, due to errors with our system, Please contact us to discuss.” This is something that just added to my frustration, if I did not have access to my emails (as I had not internet connection) how would I have been able to read this message and know that something had gone wrong their end??????? They do have my mobile telephone number, so why could they not use this???? After a lengthy time on the phone with the internet provider I managed to find out that they would be able to begin the process from this date that I had called them and not before, even though it was there error in the first place. To make a very long story short, I have been without the internet for about 4 weeks now (I wont tell you who their were, but when your outside next, look up and this is who they are, sometimes the sun is in it and sometimes stars!!)

I wrote on my facebook page, “What would you be unable to do without in your business?”. As I expected the majority of people told me that it would be the internet, isn’t it funny that we rely on this so much!!

As I did not have the internet I would have to go back to “old school ways” to find the business and to contact people using the techniques that were around when Mary Kay had jut launched. Don’t worry I did not go door to door with a beauty box. However, I did have to think about the way in which bookings were once obtained and I have to say that some of these were challenging and some of them really allowed me to see what people thought about my products.

Different Areas.

Going out and about has been so successful for me, look at your products and think of ways that you will be able to connect them to the people who can be potential customers. If you sell Girlie Gardening go to Garden openings, Homes that are open to the public, even trying out a local garden centre (you won’t know until you try)

Some of you will be thinking that your business will be a bit slow in the coming months due to the schools closing for the summer holidays, so why not look up all the activities that are going on in your area for the kids, see if you are able to have a stand when the parents come to collect their kids. Leisure centres, Outdoor activity centres, local farms that are open to the public, even farm shops. For those of you in cities, think about the places that parents will be taking their kids for a cheap day out. Being a parent means that the 6 week holidays can be a bit on the expensive side, some ay even be going on holiday, where would they be going to do this…… Travel Agents, go in and leave catalogues or see if you are able to set up a stand for the staff.

Make yourself get out there and gather information from the local people in the supermarket and offer them a prize for taking part in a survey or something, if they book a party they will be entitled to an extra discount.

You may be sat thinking that this is a lot of hard work, but if you continue to work over these months you will find that your business sales and awareness to the public that you are the person to contact for your products means that they will always remember you.

If you would like more information on this topic, specific to your products then please contact us at or call us on 01425 511455.

The Party Plan Guru xx


Twitter: @partyplanguru

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