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A new way to get bookings in Party Plan

July 7, 2011

I don’t know what it has been like, weather wise, where you live but for us in Hampshire it has been lovely. Being able to sit in the garden and open the windows has made a lovely changed and even managed to get a bit of a tan! Unfortunately, this week it has been a real change and we have gone back indoors and watching the rain hit the window while making calls.
Don’t worry I have not turned into your local weather women, although I have always fancied that job, just not so keen on the 5am starts.

When being stuck inside all week I have taken the time to reading the local FREE newspaper that come through the door. I have to say I never usually get time to do this as I am so busy but after making a cup of coffee one morning I sat down to have a read. Where I lived before I did not have these come to my house so it was a bit of a novelty really. I am sure you are thinking what on earth is The Party Plan Guru talking about the weather and reading the local paper, well they are both working hand in hand.

  • the local newspaper allows you to see what’s going on in your area
  • the weather, when its good, makes you want to get out and look at getting more business.

    When I was looking through the paper I saw loads of information about carnival queens and the local bits that have been going on. There was also adverts for local businesses. I just skimmed this section as I was not looking for anything really. A day later I was looking through the same paper, while being on the phone to an annoying women about my internet and found that I noticed a very interesting advert and it made a light bulb moment over my head.


    P.Y.O (pick your own) businesses. In the nice weather loads of people head to the local pick your own sites to pick their own products. I am going to contact them all in my area and see when I would be able to come and put a stand up for a couple of hours and get people that I might never meet.
    Think about the products that you sell and where you might be able to go. The children will be breaking up from school soon and most places will be closed until September, but the families will still be out, even more so than before. Are there any kids school holiday clubs going on where you will be able to have a stand for a couple of hours when the kids are picked up? What about the local adventure sites, ie paultons park, go ape or in a hotel in their lobby when the tourists arrive, especially if they have coaches arriving.

    Just because the toddler groups, school fetes and other places will be closing for 6 weeks does not mean that you can’t get your business to make money over August. Look at different places and follow the mums and families to them. Think outside the box.

    I hope that this has given you the inspiration to try something new.

TheParty Plan Guru xx

The Party Plan Guru
01202 896857

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