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Don’t Doubt Yourself – Because your Brilliant x

June 30, 2011

Being asked about motivation is one of the main things that I have on my list from loads of followers so I wanted to be able to pass on some motivation to everyone that reads my articles.

I go through days when I think to myself that I am just not that good and everyone I speak to just does not want a new career or a party and I must be the most rubbish party planner in the world. I know that this is not that case (well I think so anyway!) but it is getting out of the mind-set that this is true. I am sure that we all go through this and think to ourselves that we just don’t know what to do and how we will get over this slump.

One of the things that I find helps me get out of a slump is that I have to get out of the house, I can not sit indoors and get more and more down about it. I also find that going out for a walk or to the gym allows me to think about my business in a clearer mind and I find that the ideas tend to just jump into my brain. What I would suggest to you when you feel like this is:

  • Remember why you wanted to be self-employed and do Party Plan
  • What are your short time goals – thinking too far ahead can put more pressure on you and cause you to think that you are not capable of doing it.
  • Pick up a local magazine, have a coffee and you will find that articles and events will just pop out of the page at you
  • Have a bit of fun, if you have kids take them out after school to the park or for tea out, just have a giggle.
  • Go to the local shops and just have a wonder round. I did this on Sunday and found so many places that I would be able to advertise for FREE and contacted them on Monday, I have 6 appointments to showcase my products.

I am sure that your family and friends have all said to you how fantastic you are and that what you are doing is great, mine do and I think to myself “well have a party then, you rubbish friends” but I know that I can not rely on friends and family and need to do it myself.

YOU ARE BRILLIANT, you need to remember that what you are doing some other people would not be able to do at all. You may even be a person that is not too keen in talking to people but you can talk to loads of people about your business. If you are feeling down and not motivated about you and your business I want you to write down all the things that you like about yourself (be truthful please) and then write a list about the things you like about your business or products. Once you can see all of this I want you to write a list about all the things that you have achieved since joining whether that be about your consultants or your parties that you have booked. Doing all of these things will show you just how good you are, it will also allow you to see where you will be able to do more and the other areas that you would be able to work out the places you have not advertised or visited to tell people about your business.

Remember that you are fabulous and your business is growing by the day, if you have not been getting many parties or consultants then forget about what is past and move on to what you can do to achieve this.

I have to believe in myself and realise that I love my job I just have to work out how to get around the obstacles that I put up. The only way I am able to do that is to hear it from myself, most people say it till they are blue in the face and I still don’t listen. Look at the potential of your business in your area, walk down the street and take a look, have a coffee or tea in a local cafe that over looks a high street, can you see how many potential customers are there?? I am sure you will be looking at everyone and realise there are more people out there than you realise, these are all party bookings and repeat business.

Try it today and see how you feel!

The Party Plan Guru xx

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