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How to Increase Attendance At Your Parties

June 29, 2011

The other day on my Facebook page I asked what consultants would like to know at the moment and what they are struggling with, one of the questions from one of my followers asking “How can she increase her attendees at a party?”. I thought that this was a great thing to ask and for you all to know about as we have all had this problem at some time or another.

When you talk to your manager/sponsor, they will mainly tell you the same things and advise you that you will need to coach your hostess better. However, I think that in this day and age and with the current economic climate people are looking for a little something extra when they attend a party. The ice breakers that we all do, allows people to compete for a prize, if your do hostess bingo then you may give the hostess prizes or additional %’s but what do the people who are attending get?? I like to think it is meeting me and my witty personality but unfortunately people still cancel!!!!

I used to be a mobile nail technician and I have found that this is great for me to use in my party plan business. For the Summer Parties that I have I offer everyone in attendance a free mini manicure and mini pedicure to everyone that attends. This is great for me as I am able to then get a few clients for more business on the nail side. People like what I do and then book me in for paying appointments. It also means that the group are getting something for free and also will be more inclined to purchase more with me as they are all happy (and loads more beautiful than before).

You might not be a beautician or nail technician but you are able to offer your attendees an incentive to attend. One idea that I think goes really well and also one that I regularly use is a goodie bag. A goodie bag is a fab way to give something away for FREE and also for you to be able to get everyone that attends to take away promotional material and business cards from you. This is what I put in my goodie bags:

Free Sample – some party plan companies provide these in small sachet, add a scent in the bag so they will be reminded of your products when they open the bag. If you sell books you might wish to add in something that will remind them of how great your products are………and so you, I am sure that you get the picture.

  • Business Cards
  • Host a Party Leaflet
  • Voucher for them holding a party – If it is booked on the night then they will get an additional 5% or 10% towards their hostess offer, or FREE gift set etc.
  • Free Chocolate. I make my own as they work out a lot cheaper, these can be anything that you like or have time for, I make Heart Lollipops that take about 20 minutes in the fridge. If you are an Ann Summers Rep you could put in a little naughty chocolate!!!
  • Free Pen

All of these things can be changed and added to but you can see what I mean and where I am getting to. The most important thing that you need to add are your business cards and also hostess offers, if the guests know more information and will be able to take it away with them then you will get more repeat business and potential party bookings on the night due to the vouchers and offers.

Why don’t you try it with the next party that you have and see how it goes, you might be surprised at the reaction. Don’t forget to let your hostess know when you arrange the party bookings that all of the attendees with be given a gift bag on arrival.

Increasing attendance in At Home Parties can be very had as people will always drop out here and there, but you might find with this technique that they will be able to be less than usual and increase your party bookings.

Good Luck and Let us know if you try it out.

The Party Plan Guru xx



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  1. July 21, 2011 4:06 pm

    If you give your host stepped incentives which are based on achieving a number of guests, say a free gift for a part with 10 guests, plus 20% off their order with 15 guests, plus 25% of the total sales to spend on products with 20 guests…you get the idea 🙂

    This works well for me 🙂

    • July 21, 2011 4:52 pm

      Thanks for commenting, its great to have peoples feedback on things that have worked for them. i think your idea is a fab way of increasing attendance which in turn will acheive higher sales. xx

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