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Training your Troops

June 23, 2011

Being a Manager, Senior Consultant or Area Manager can be very demanding with a team of consultants and trying to keep track of every one of them can be stressful. Some of your team are happy to be able to just get on with their business and be very successful out there on their own and others will need more help than others. When you are recruiting your new consultants you will need to find out what they wish to achieve in their business so that you will be able see what type of person they are and how you will be able to help their reach their potential.

Training is so important with every business and it is no different with Party Plan/Direct Selling. Having a team of consultants shows that you are succeeding in your own business but you need to make sure that you are paying attention to everyone’s needs and wants from you.

The best way to do this is by organising Training Sessions for your team. Some of you will be doing this already and others may not be. The ones that are doing this already I have one question for you ……… are you making it fun??? Going to the training sessions by your up line manager can be really interesting, but some people just are not running them right and your consultants will attend less and less as they find it either not worth while or not interesting enough for them. Think about how you run your training sessions/Meetings. On your next training session why not organise to do a new ice breaker game for your parties and get your consultants to try it out to see what they think, Organise a competition for the night of the meeting/sessions you may even wish to make this a regular thing, you can even run a brainstorming session within your training group so that everyone will be able to swap ideas and help each other.

If you are a consultant that is not sure about training sessions or have not attended one in a while then you need to get to them. Your manager has put a lot of effort into organising the events and are there to be able to help you with your business. You can also find that you make some different friends when you go to training sessions and create some great networking events. Don;t be too hard on your manager, they are there for you in all that they can be and can provide you with advise and help as much as possible, what you have to remember is that this is your business and if you are wanting to be a success you need to take the advise of your manager but it is your responsiblity to work for it. You will not be giving things on a plate and excuses will only hold you back, your manager has obviously done something right to get to the position that they are at now.

Whether you are in a large or small company with party plan you need to meet up with the other people who are doing the same things as you are, you will be able to forge new friendships and networks. If you are a Manager or Senior Consultant, you need to think about the people who you have recruited, if they were working for you in a business with a shop or office you would organise team building training, product training and also sending them on courses. Find out what the recruit requires, some will need more help than others and it si your job to be able to talk to the recruits about what they want from you. Not knowing what your recruits what from you is hard but it is something you need to find out. But remember, you are not there to give them events and party bookings, you are there to encourage them and give them to tools that they need to be in the position that you are in.

If you would like more information on training your consultants or session meetings then please email

The Party Plan Guru xx

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