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Moving Home or just Your Location

June 22, 2011

Most of you will know from my The Party Plan Guru facebook page that I have been moving home this weekend and am now based in Hampshire, it’s all great moving and having to make your new house a home but as usual work is always on my mind.

I wanted to tell you about my move because I feel that it has a great deal to do with my business and also yours and NO I am not expecting you to sell your house and move. 1. it’s very costly and 2. I am not that mean, but I feel that my move will help you with your business.

When I moved i was worried that I would be losing my client base and that I would have to start all over again and would have nowhere to start from. I have to say though that moving has allowed me to have a new lease of life and drive for my business. When I was thinking about it I realised that you can use this for your party planning business and get new party bookings by looking at it in a different way. Like I said I don’t expect you to move home but move your location in attracting people to your business. 

If you are a person that just looks in the same areas for business ie: going to events, going to toddler groups or booking parties at parties, for example is great and it does work, but do you find that sometimes you can be dealing with the same people and style in your presentation? You may find that having the same people and groups of people you will be saying and doing the same things every time, this is when you need to think of looking at a different area or location.

I have found that with my new enthusiasm for my business and the fact that I meeting a different circle of people my attitude towards my business changed and I found that I started talking about it more passionately again. The biggest thing that party plan consultants have to achieve is making clients want to hold a party or purchase your products then you need to think about how you talk to them about it. You will also need to think that continually getting new clients on board as this will not only get you more bookings with different groups and interests but you will also find that you will have a larger interest in people wishing to recruit.

This week you will find that the articles are a bit all over the place and short but most of them have been written sitting on a box in my NEW lounge, with my lap top on my lap and a cup of coffee, watching the others get on with the painting.

If you have a question for The Party Plan Guru this week then please email this to us at and you will be able to have this included in this weeks articles.

The Party Plan Guru xx

Twitter: @partyplanguru


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  1. Laurie permalink
    June 23, 2011 10:53 am

    Thank you for touching on this subject. I have also relocated, and exhausted my ‘friends’ list in about 5 minutes. So all of my contacts are new…and I’m trying to be creative in finding new ways of reaching people. Any more thoughts on this subject would be most appreciated!

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