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Tip Of The Week

June 17, 2011

My tip of the week this week is going to be a short one but a very important one I think.

Whether you are one of very few in your area or there are a number of you, you should work with everyone. If you have a team of your own or you have joined a team you should find out who is in that team and get together. If you are part of a team in your party plan business, then find out their numbers or facebook pages and become friends, meet up for coffee or just a chat and see how they are doing, what they find works and what might work for you. You will then also be able to swap tips with people as and when you pick them up.

Being a Home Party Plan Business can seem really lonely sometimes and it is great to meet people who are in the same line of work as you are. Even if you are a small business and there is not many of you in the area, why not meet up with someone from another business and share ideas. You could also go out street prospecting together or swap event details when you get them.

If you are a team manager or senior consultant you will currently be doing team meetings to get everyone in your team motivated, sharing information on the business including offers, but do you ever get together with them on a social basis? Why not arrange a meal out with everyone, rather than a team meeting, or even hold a meeting in your local pub in a nice relaxed atmosphere. Most of us are mums and dads and sometimes it is nice to be able to get away from the family and the business and just have a bit of fun. You will find that you get round to talking about business when you go out but it’s a relaxed conversation. If you do this with your team you will find that you get more productivity from them and also they will regard you more of someone who they can talk to rather than just their manager or senior consultant.

The point of my tip of the week is to make it fun for everyone, including yourself. You don’t need to be alone and there is help from people in the same line of work as you. What you have to remember is, if you were working in a conventional company they would arrange team building events, meals out or just a friday evening down the pub for a drink after work, so your business should not be any different. If you do arrange something you will find that you have more people to talk to about your business or be able to arrange a ladies night at the pub you are visiting for your meeting.

I hope that this has changed the way you think about your team or members within your business and that there is support there for you.

The Party Plan Guru xx

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