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Recruiting Party Bookers!!!

June 17, 2011

I don’t know if it is just me but everything seems to be so much more expensive now a days, Oh no I think I am turning into my Nan, you really do know your getting old when you start saying “It wasn’t like this in my day” and “How Much, you could buy one of these when I was a kid for 20p”. But with everyone feeling the pinch, especially with petrol we are all wanting to earn a bit more extra money.

I was talking to a lady the other day about joining my business and she was asking about the layout for starting and what she would be getting back at being a consultant. Obviously I went through everything that I needed and she was really interested with the products and commission structure, she then decided that she would not be able to afford the layout and was worried she would not be able to pay other installments or get a party to cover it. So I gave her another option, it’s also a great way for you to get more party bookings in party plan and get recruits lining up to sign on.

You might be reading this thinking that the lady I was talking to had already said she was unable to do the payments so what else could I of done to change her mind. I did not reduce the cost of the kit, I did not offer her anything from my kit, I did not even lend her my kit to try it out. Confused???? well here is how.

Get people who you know to ask friends and family and people at work if they will hold a party for your business. Get them to give out catalogues so that others may see what you do. I email all my party bookers my month calendar and this allows them to book parties in as they have the dates that I am available in front of them.

For every party that they book for me and is held I will give the party booker £10.00, if she books 5 parties in a month then that is £50.00 for her but I also let her purchase something from the catalogue at my consultants discount. You will find that most of the people becoming party bookers will then lead on to asking you about joining.

The reason for this is they are able to see the amount of people who will hold a party for you and think to themselves (unless they are a bit silly) hang on a minute I could be earning more money by doing it myself. I found that the people who had become party bookers for me joined the business within 1 month.

This is a very simple way to be able to get other people out there talking about your business for you and almost having a staff working for you. they will soon be able to think that booking parties for you is something that they could have been doing for themselves and getting more money from it. If they are someone who is getting you a lot of parties and does not think or mention it, why don’t you bring it up.

It is of course trial and error and it is about giving it a go. I advertise on Gumtree in the jobs section and get a few enquiries about it, also if your friends are not helping you out, this might give them that extra push. You can decide what you want to give your party bookers for their time and also if you want to give them a target with regards to getting seomething extra if they hit the target. Once again it is your business and you run it how you want to.

For more information please contact The Party Plan Guru at

The Party Plan Guru xx

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