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Find out what people need and fill it

June 14, 2011

Network Marketing, home party plan and direct selling need loads of different avenues for selling their products. We mainly focus on the parties as this is where we are able to generate more sales = more commission and also be able to get further party bookings and potential recruits, but I am thinking a little bit more on a grander scale that will get you regular orders and help your business tick over.

If you think about a giant company selling, for example, chocolates – We all know that chocolates are mainly bought to give to people at Easter and also Christmas but what about all those other special occasions that there are in life that people may wish to buy chocolate for friends, family and loved ones? Fo a better example I will tell you about Linen At Home, if you are a consultant for Linen at Home and indeed any other party plan business you should listen to the next bit of information.

I say LISTEN rather than READ because this is what I want you to do for the next week. LISTEN to what people are tell you and not just family and friends but also people you see in the school playground, supermarket and even that friend you have not seen for ages, look at people’s facebook status and read what they are selling my personal status at the moment is “Can not wait to move house and hope that this week will go fast so that it comes round quicker” What would you read into that????? For Linen at Home it is great as I am moving home and I will probably be redecorating so I will probably be wanting NEW home furnishings, that’s your queue!!!!

If someone is talking about how bad their face is at the moment and they can’t find the right cream for their face, why not hand them a card and say “We need to talk”. If someone has had a baby and they are saying that they are having to move everything up a level, have they thought about having a Scentsy product in their home.

  • Think about how your products fit into people’s lives
  • Listen to opportunities for you to be able to mention your business
  • Create positivity around your products – How are you helping the customer
  • Speak freely, be passionate

What you need to remember is that these little sales will not only keep you going but they will also be a constant flow, if one person buys a product off of you and shows their friends they will be interested in buying some products off of you. Everyone thinks that you need to always have parties and yes this is where you will get more of your commission but the little orders and regular clients will soon add up. If you are wanting to have three parties a week to be able to keep on target you may find that you are able to reduce this because you are getting regular customers constantly purchasing your products and getting what you would have made at 1 party!

You are also able to do this with recruiting consultants too, think about the check out assistant in the last supermarket you went to, did she look happy?

This is such a great way to be happy and bubbly and ask them if they are having a great day, their response will probably not be a good one so this is your opportunity to be able to say you have a great job and love it and it something that they might enjoy and also earn more money than what they are doing now.

When you are doing these tips you will always need to remember:

  1. Business Cards – hand these out to everyone you meet, don’t be a business card horder!
  2. Order Forms
  3. Brochures
  4. Recruitment information
  5. Pen and Paper(to be able to take their details)

Ok you may need to purchase a bigger bag but if you’re not going out with all of these tools then how will people be able to contact you and how will you be able to promote your business. Talk about your products at every occasion, you are not boring people with the information as you are not selling it them, you are TELLING them about it and how it will benefit them. You need to be proud of your business, you and your products. So if by now you do not know the ins and outs of your brochure and your offers then get it out now and start researching.

Research your products against anything else on the market, you will find that yours have more benefits than the regular high street brands, this is your USP (Unique Selling Point). All of our businesses are products that you can not find on the high street (other than bodyshop) so why should people buy yours?With Bodyshop you need to promote the fact that they are able to purchase things from the comfort of their own home. Where I live is in the middle of nowhere and about an hour drive to the closest bodyshop, would I want a party or to purchase products?? YES, my dad uses the deodorant and can’t use anything else, having a consultant to be able to purchase the odd item from would be great as I would not have to drive so far.

Making people’s lives easier is what being a party planner is all about, being able to buy products from one person and enjoying the experience.

I hope that this has helped you to look at your customers and potential customers in a different way you can get them everywhere and not just at parties, it’s about catering for everyone’s needs.

So today you will be sorting out your bags and taking every bit of information out with you to be able to prospect for new customers, if you don’t listen today you might miss an opportunity.

The Party Plan Guru xx

P.s if you have read this information in full you will be knowing what I need.

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  1. June 15, 2011 7:58 am

    Great reminders, thank you! The best point you made is remembering that our role is to make people’s lives easier. I have access to shops in all directions, and I drive…but the one thing I don’t have is…Time! This must be true for other people. Also, customer service is as advantage that I think (if you live in the UK) a lot of business people lose sight of. I’m an American who has lived in the UK for 13 years, and I tell ya, when I receive great customer service here in the UK I take notice and become loyal to that business! Good customer service is rare enough, but GREAT customer service, what an edge! Making people’s lives easier, giving them TIME, and customer service..key essentials for any business!

  2. June 15, 2011 8:19 am

    Fulfilling a need…

    Great article thank you! It was a good reminder of one of the advantages we have as party plan consultants. The point that hit home was about ‘making people’s lives easier’. As a working mom, I wish I had more TIME, and I live within close proximity to shops! Another important key element is that of giving the best possible customer service. I’m an American and I’ve been living in the UK for 13 years. Whenever I receive ‘good’ customer service over here I take notice! Ordinarily, it is really non-existent…which is unfortunate when we are in consumer mode, but great when we are independent business people!
    Time + GREAT customer service = an edge in accumulating loyal business!! And it’s the edge we have over the High Street Shops! The amazing principle is that if you find a need a scratch it, you won’t have to overwork in trying to ‘sell’.

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