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Moving Miles and Having the Strength to Start Something New

June 13, 2011

Hi I am Helen O’Brien and I work for Jamie at Home

I have one husband, no kids, just one cat that thinks he is a teenager. We all live in Fife where we moved to just over three years ago from Milton Keynes.

The 380 odd mile move is what spurred me to go into Direct Sales.  I was looking for something that would get me out and about in the area but that I could work around my Husband’s shifts and my ‘day’ job.

I have always enjoyed cooking (not that you need to cook for Jamie at Home) and one of my ways to relax is being in my kitchen. When it is not actually cooking food, I thoroughly enjoy reading about it and have stacks of Foodie books and magazines. So when I spotted an advert in one of the magazines advertising the new party plan company from Jamie Oliver I thought it was a perfect fit.

One of my friends was invited to her neighbours Jamie at Home party about the same time, so I invited myself along as her plus one (not that she had any choice in the matter) As soon as I saw the products I feel in love and seeing that the joining fee was well below the amount I could have spent, I signed up. My Team Lead jokes I was her easiest recruit, first to the table after she finished her presentation and the first words out of my mouth were ‘so how do I join’. No beating around the bush with me!

Coming from a retail and project co-ordination back ground, like many party planners I had no experience in sales. That wasn’t a problem at all, if you are passionate about the products your customers will soon catch on.

A year down the line and I have not looked back, this is the first time in years I can say I enjoy my job, that may seem a small thing but how many people do you know who can say that. I have a good base of hosts, work with a great team of other consultants, have made some great friends along the way, paid for holidays and my kitchen is decked out in Jamie Oliver products. Happy Days!

With no targets, flexibility, and incentives such as earning seasonal kits for free and having Pimms & Pizza with Jamie Oliver at his house this really is the best company for me and I am looking forward to seeing him again at the Annual Jamboree in August.

If you have just started out in Party Plan or are looking to join get in with some online communities. There are some great new resources available and being able to chat with other Party Planners across all the different companies can give you a wealth of new ideas from party games to recruitment.

In fact I came across The Party Plan Guru recently when someone recommended her on a forum, so you never know where it might take you. I have been able to have a ½ session on skype with her, which was brilliant. Bouncing ideas off her has sent my head in a spin with new ideas to grow my business and I have recommended the blog to a few people now.

If you would like any further information about Jamie at Home or joining my team please see my website, my facebook page or email

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