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Why you need YouTube to boost your party sales

June 10, 2011

I have always wondered why people are on YouTube, I have a husband that uses it to watch cars racing around a track and looking at adverts on there but I have never thought that I would be able to use it as a business tool. When searching the internet I have come across a lot of direct selling tutorials and also seminars that are on YouTube and they are all very much targeted to the other countries and to be honest don’t seem to tell you much about how to do anything. I could sit  in front of a camera and just tell you all of the things that you might be finding hard and never actually get round to telling you anything unless you purchase the next step.

For those of you that wonder how you can get out to more people, potential get more party plan bookings and event recruit party plan consultants you will want to read on.

This article has been brought to you by Claire Mutch from Ice Jewellery and also Creator of Party Plan United.

Like most people today, when I need to find a video clip about anything at all, there’s only one place I go to. YouTube! is the world’s largest video sharing website with an average 35 hours of new video uploaded onto the site every second. From movie & TV clips to video game reviews to just the plain zany, you are sure to find pretty much anything you want to watch on YouTube.

So how does YouTube help you and get you more sales. Hopefully you’ll be aware that Ice Jewellery Parties have recently launched our own YouTube channel. On there you will find a variety of videos all designed to get you more sales and more bookings. More videos are being added on a regular basis and we’ll keep you posted as to when that happens.

One piece of feedback we have received from our consultants is that they give a lot of catalogues out to hosts for guests to view before the party. We have created videos on YouTube featuring every product in the current catalogue. The videos show the price & stock number and are broken down into bitesize, easy to view clips . While we do not in any way want to discourage you from giving your potential customers a catalogue (remember that a hard copy catalogue will stay around in someone’s home for a long time after the party for them to browse through), directing them to our YouTube videos is an opportunity to hit a much wider audience than you might be physically able to reach.

Here’s exactly how we think you can add sales by using YouTube.

  1. Each video is around two minutes long. Videos are easy to pause and note down stock numbers of items that catch their eye.
  2. It’s easy to give your host a link to the Ice Jewellery YouTube channel which they can give to any friend who can’t make the party. Those friends can then forward the link to their friends etc etc. You can now see how many people you can potentially turn into your customers this way.
  3. Get your hosts/guests to subscribe to the Ice Jewellery YouTube channel. That way, every time they visit YouTube, they will be prompted about new videos that have been added since their last visit (more opportunity for further sales for you)
  4. Give the Ice Jewellery YouTube channel link to these people:
  • Previous hosts
  • Family & friends
  • Previous guests
  • Work colleagues
  • Facebook friends
  • Twitter followers

Remember always when giving this YouTube link to also give your business card and consultant number for any potential website sales. You can view the Ice Jewellery YouTube channel at

We’d love to hear your ideas & thoughts about our videos and also anything you’d like to see added.

Good luck and happy partying.

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