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How to do Lead Calls in Party Plan

June 8, 2011

Meet one of the Party Plan Angels


I’m Sammie. I have worked in sales for my whole working career, so about 12 years give or take. My sales experience is cast and varied, with such things as customer facing, telesales, lead generation events, cold calling, online sales, both business to business  and business to consumer.

All these have been in varied roles, from banking to selling solar panels and double glazing, I have also done a lot of promotional and marketing work within the motor industry.

Why am I telling you this?? Well I want to show you how EASY it is to sell in the party plan industry.

Are you sat there thinking, I can sell my products but don’t know how to expand my team , or talk to potential hosts?? Well look no further because coming up are the secrets and tools to be able to help you make those calls and achieve everything you want.  Anyone, and I do mean anyone can do this.

Even the most experienced of party planners find ‘lead calling’ a little on the daunting side. Well, hopefully, what you read next will be of help.

SO what can I say that will help you, well I can’t actually come and do the calls for you, but I can impart some tips that hopefully you will find helpful.

The first thing you need is to establish what you want to achieve from your calling session, and set aside the appropriate amount of time, whether it be 1 hour or 3.

You need to work out firstly what you want to offer in your call.  Is recruiting your aim, or parties???


How to start…..

Identify yourself and your company and the reason you are calling. Also is this an OK time to talk??

Normally with party plan (unless like me you are happy to call through the Thompson directory) you will have got their details from somewhere specific so you can mention that.

Rapport Rapport Rapport ……

This is possibly the most important part of your call You want your potential recruit/host to feel like your new best friend. Simply saying ‘How are you’ will make all the difference. Think back to where you first met them. Say something specific with reference to the event, or person that introduced them. Make them feel like you have gone out of your way to specifically call them. If you simply cannot think of anything, use the weather.

As a party planner, I would suggest the call be centered around the following 3 questions.


  1. WHO do you know that could benefit from an extra £££ per week?
  2. Would you benefit from some extra cash each week?  NO?????
  3. In that case, I have some amazing offers on at the moment, which if these dates would you be available to take advantage of them??

Shall we go ahead and book that then.

It’s about getting the customer to make a choice not a decision. At first they are not deciding to have a party there and then, you have just asked them when they are free. Then go for the kill. Ask them to book the party on that date. If they then say no, which I doubt they will, find out the reasons why. You can offer them to order from you on regular basis instead.

The great thing about this call is that even if you don’t get a potential recruit from this, you will end up with a party booking. Offer people three things and they will at least say yes to one.

Recruiting not your thing??

If recruiting is not your thing,  go straight for the party bookings. Have the dates you want to book in front of you. Look at what offers you have on at the moment, and go through your previous orders and set aside the customers who purchased those items, or some in the same range.

Say you are giving them a courtesy call to see how they have got on with their products and to let them know that you have some offers that may be of interest to them. Obviously, you will get a lot of business from re-orders, but your main aim should be to book them in with parties. You need to hook them. For example, most party plans do some sort of free shopping for the host, work out what they could have for that amount, and hook them. Then, as before, offer them a choice not a decision.

Remember, YOU are offering THEM the opportunity to gain from your business. If they are clearly not interested, don’t sweat it, move on to the next person. Collect those NO’s as the YES’s will come. Have you heard the saying that it’s a numbers game, I hate that saying but it is so true. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Things to remember…

1) Know what you are selling. Have printed sheets with all offers on, and don’t forget to tell them what is unique and special about your business

2) Be animated, I have never known anyone bore someone into buying something.

3) Have a written aide, either notes or a script. It will help the nerves.

4) Use lots of open questions, HOW,WHAT,WHY,WHERE…. Investigate and explore. If they don’t want your services, try to find out why. You may be able to change their mind.

5) Keep detailed records of all calls you make, and the response you get. Keep tabs on voicemails left. Measure your success, if it’s not working, change it.

6) Voicemail messages, write a script of what to say so that each are the same. I would never leave any more than 3 messages. Make sure when you try them a second time, it’s on a different day at a different time. If they don’t return your call, they are not interested so move on. You don’t want to appear desperate.

Above all, be polite and positive, assume you will get a sale and you will be more successful. Don’t judge the next call by the previous one. What do I mean by this??? If you have a negative call, go and make yourself a cup of tea. Take 5 minutes, and then go back positive and fresh for the next one. If you get NO’s to all your questions, politely ask if you may keep their details and perhaps call them in a few months to keep them updated on offers. If you still get a NO, bin it and move on.

My biggest tip for party planning…..


Sammie xx

The Party Plan Angel

If you would like to become a Party Plan Angel then please contact or call 01202 896857 for more information.

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  1. June 9, 2011 12:27 pm

    that is really helpful 🙂 Im new to party plan and have just moved 120miles so dont know anyone! My only leads are from when I do events and people say (on the prize draw entry) that they might be interested. Trouble is I dry up on the phone as its still way out of my comfort zone. 12 years of nursing and I struggle with the party plan phone call, how weird is that LOL!? Guess I just need more practice… but the tips are fab 🙂

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