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Gifts That Keep On Giving…………….To You!!!

June 7, 2011

Now you might be looking at this header and wondering where on earth The Party Plan Guru is going with this, well I have been chatting to a few people this week in America and Canada about their party plan business and why they seem to have such success. We British are very good at moaning, I know this as sometimes my husband would say I was the biggest moaner on the planet (that’s just because he is the laziest man I think I know!! Love You Really) Some party planners have the tendency to complain that the reason they are not getting any parties is all down to people in their areas just not wanting to hold one, on the other hand could it be you???

So talking to the American and Canadian Party Planners I found that there was one tiny thing that we were missing that they do and are successful with. How do you treat your hostess?

Do You:

  • Look at her as a friend?
  • As a Business Tool?
  • As a valued customer?
  • or as someone who had better get loads of people to come so that you can make loads of money from them?

I can say that I look at my hostess as a valued customer, but is she? and am I just kidding myself that she is s friend? I put it into perspective and thought about my business in a shop format. Would the clients that come to me twice a year to have parties do the same if I had a shop, would they get their friends to come to, would I be handing out FREE GIFTS to her for just walking through the door, NO. So why do we work our little (well in my case slightly over sized) bums off to make the hostesses feel like royalty? Because they are inviting us into their home and ultimately they are paying our wages.

The hostess of the party should be treated like she is the only customer that you have, lets face it you have got the party booking and you are looking at getting more party bookings from her party to increase your Home Based Business. This is something that I have picked up from America and I am going to be trying it out on the next booking that I get.

Party Plan Hostess Gift

Obviously you are already doing the hostess offers from your businesses to entice her to have a party, but what other gifts do you give her? Ice Breaker Game Prize, Party bookings Bingo Prize…..etc all of these are great but not personal and making the client feel like she is getting anything different from anyone else in our line of work. This tip is also great if you are wanting to reduce Cancellations of your party plan bookings.

  • Give a Gift as a Thank you for booking the party – never make this gift too expensive, it can be one of the cheaper items of your range or even a sample of one of the products. You should have been speaking to your hostess before she books a party and if she has a skin type, flavour or hobby that she likes you might want to tie your gift into that.
  • Say it with Flowers – Send some flowers to your hostess as a thank you for booking the party with you, if you can find out where she works you may want to deliver some or send some there as this will make an impression with her work colleagues

The gift should be something that she will see often before the party and this will remind her of it and also how thoughtful you were. The Pre-Party gift reminds your hostess that she has an obligation and you will find that fewer people cancel their bookings.

The next gift can be your hostess gift, which can be either given before or after their party, make sure that the gift is wrapped and that it has a bow on it, the party guests will see that the hostess is getting a GIFT for having the party, which in turn will make them be more pleased with holding a party for themselves, especially if the hostess mentions the pre-party gift that she also received. If you wanted to give a gift to the hostess after the party, whether it be a voucher towards her next party or another small item you increase the gestures given and attention to detail to the customer making her feel that she has a successful party and really enjoyed it.

By giving these gifts it is not a way for you to lose all your commission but it is a way of increasing your profile, your hostess will tell all her friends and family about the amount of gifts that you gave her (not necessarily the cost) if you do decide to send her flowers at work as a thank you all of her work colleagues will be interested as to why she got them and she will talk about you and your business, they will also ask her how it went after her party and potentially book one for themselves.

You might think that this is not something that you wish to do, but why don’t you try it out on your next party hostess. See how it goes and how it was received. If it works for the party planners across the pond then why can’t we do the same??

I have really enjoyed getting tips from other people and showing these to you and I will let you know how my next party goes when I use the Gift idea. Don’t forget that we are on Facebook where you are able to comment on all of the advise given and your personal thoughts on these. You can also comment below.

If you have any questions please contact The Party Plan Guru on

Enjoy WOWing your Hostesses

The Party Plan Guru xx

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  1. Lynda Swindells permalink
    June 8, 2011 10:14 am

    I like the idea of giving gifts and it is something I plan on doing (as a new starter). I love the ideas of flowers being sent to work etc to get everyone talking but wow, flowers are sooooo expensive and I would be worried that it would consume all of my profits before I even start!

  2. June 8, 2011 11:31 am

    I know what you mean about being too expensive, so why not buy a £5 bunch from Tescos or sainsbury’s or another supermarket and deliver them to the reception at their work. Most of your customers will be local to you, you could also get in touch with a couple of Florists and see if they will provide you with a personal quote for a standard £10 bunch that you order all the time. Hope that this helps xx

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