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The Smell of Success Is In The Air

June 6, 2011

My name is Claire Lloyd and I live in Suffolk with my husband Gary and our two sons Noah and Seamus. I’m going to talk a little bit about Scentsy, a direct-sales opportunity new to the UK.

Last year was a difficult one for us as we lost our third son at 21 weeks due to a severe heart defect. It has been a long road to physical and emotional recovery for me and I think that I needed something to get me focused on something positive, to get me out of the house and meeting new people, and re-connecting with old friends again. In March 2011 I received a message on Facebook out of the blue from Laura in Canada. I have known her since 2006 when we were both pregnant at the same time (her with her first child, me with my second son). We were in the same baby group on Fertility I had seen posts from her about Scentsy but had no clue really what it was and didn’t ask at the time. When I received the private message from her I followed the link to her website and took a look at the catalogue. WOW.

A Scentsy warmer is essentially a cross between an oil burner and a scented candle, but much better than both. It uses scented wax like a candle, but it does not burn away like a candle does. In fact, it uses no flame at all.  The burner part (Scentsy calls them “warmers”, because they do not burn the wax but gently warm it) is plugged into the wall, so does not require a flame. BIG selling point for me as a mum. Also, because it is a warmer and not a burner, it does not get so hot that it is dangerous around children, or pets. The wax gets to about the same temperature as a paraffin manicure dip. Also – you don’t have to worry about the oil burning dry and smoking/spitting, as the wax does not evaporate, you simply pour it into a disposable container when all the scent has been released from it.

I have a full time job as well as a civil servant but I think that in this uncertain financial climate, it is good to have a second source of income. With my busy life I do not have as much time to devote to Scentsy as I would like, but I hope to build it up slowly to the point that I can reduce my main job hours and spend more time with my family. Seeing how well Scentsy consultants do in the US and Canada, and how the product is being received here,  I think that I have a good chance of doing that, what I put in will determine what I personally get out!

I had considered other party plan companies before Scentsy, the obvious one is of course Avon, but everyone is selling that here it seems, the market is saturated. I know a couple of people doing Pampered Chef and Jamie at Home but for me the thing with Scentsy is not just that I really like the product, but that it is exciting due to being so new here. Imagine being one of the first Avon reps,  where you could be in years to come due to being one of the first in the country! I signed up on launch day, April 18 2011 and made the money back for my starter kit in commission very quickly.

Yes, there have been a few teething problems with the company being so new to the UK and they are also learning the ropes with how we do things here as well as us getting used to them. I have been impressed with how the upper management respond and engage with the consultants.  The CEO of  the company, Orville Thompson joined our UK Scentsy Consultants Facebook group and personally addressed some of our concerns.  Some of us have also had visits at our home parties from Dave Sattler, head of the UK Scentsy Launch.  We’ve had questions on our facebook group from home office asking for our feedback on what products we want  in the next catalogue.  It definitely does not feel like a faceless organisation but one where the upper management really get involved in what we do.

I would recommend Scentsy as a business opportunity to anyone, as the worst than can happen is you get your Scentsy goodies at a discount, the best that can happen is you get to have a new career with you as the boss!

Thank you to the Party Plan Guru for some useful articles for me as a newbie to the party plan business and I will keep visiting for useful information as I build my new business!

Contact Claire

my contact details – email – web address to schedule a party, view catalogue or join my team –

Thank you Claire for this article, you are a real inspiration to so many women out there and with the tough times that you have gone through its amazing how us women keep going xx

The Party Plan Guru xx

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