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Taking the answer NO out of the equation.

June 2, 2011

I went to an event a couple of weeks ago and it had quite a few consultants there from various companies and I was shocked to see that not everyone was excited as I was. When I went round to talk to other stand holders I was asking them what they thought about the evening and their expectations for the event. Most of them said, “not expecting much”, “Don’t think many people will be interested, but its worth a go” and after the event I asked them how it was for them, they replied, “did not get many people interested”, “Was not that great of an event”, “people took a brochure but they probably wont contact me”. Can you see anything wrong with this??

I know that some of the events that we attend do have a low attendance and this is not necessarily the fault of the organisers, it can be weather dependant or there might just be another event on that day. Why I was so shocked was that the event I went to was very good and had a huge number of people attending, so why did these consultants not have such a great time.

I realised when I got home that I was the only one taking the answer NO as a positive. Not everyone wants to book a party the night of the event and actually the majority of people attending the event are expecting you to ask them for a party. I realised this a while back and I do not ask people for a party booking on the events, although sometimes this does happen as I can see they are interested in having a party and don’t wish to lose them to another party planner and get a party booking from them in 2 months time, although if this does happen at least you have a party out of them.

Changing the way you catch people at events.

As I said I do not ask people for a party booking on the night of the event, I make sure that they like the products and also me before going down that road. Think about your last event and if you were desperate to get parties booked how did you speak to people coming to your table??

One of the other things I noticed at my event was that no one, other than myself, were doing a competition!!!!! You might be thinking to yourself why would I do a competition, I am going to have to give out too many prizes and that is my commission! Oh no dearest readers, I do 1 competition EVERY MONTH. This means that every event I went to over the month I would get everyone I met to enter the prize draw to win something.

This is great data capture for you – you don’t need to follow the companies competition structure, this is  a basic Prize Draw Forms

(Click link above)

You are able to ask the information that you want and be able to Data Capture every single person that you need at your next event, don’t get me wrong there are still a few people who will not wish to fill in the prize draw form, but you are data capturing more people than you did before.

The people who are attending the event have chosen to do so because they want to, if they are not interested in purchasing your products right now or would like to wait you, are able to contact them in the future.

If you are going to pay out for an event then you need to maximise the amount of people who you are able to speak to without feeling like you are pushing someone into doing something and then they back away, or people just not speaking to you as they are afraid that you will ask for a party. By doing something different and showing them that they are able to fill in a form and get a prize, they will stand around your table a lot longer than if you did not and you will have more people to contact. At the event I was talking to you about at the beginning I had more than 50% of people say “yes I will have a party” but at the event no one actually said they would have a party. I could have missed those people if I had not done the data capture.

The way I take the NO to be a positive is that they are not even given a chance to verbally say no and they then don’t feel like they are being made to do anything. I know that at least half of the prize draw forms with have the “yes” circled and I will have people to contact for future parties.

All the Different Ways of Data Capturing

  • Prize Draw
  • Getting people to say which products they like most – take name and telephone number when a special offer is on that product you can contact them
  • Get them to try three different products and see what ones they like most
  • Ask them if there is anything they don’t like – you can show them alternatives
  • Designing a quiz they would need to look the catalogue for and hand back, it means the customer has to look through each page.

These are just a few of the ways of being able to data capture the attendees at events. If you have a different way of doing this and feel it is going a bit stale, why not try one of the above and you might find it changes the way you talk to potential hostesses.

If you would like to talk to The Party Plan Guru about your business call our office on 01202 896857

The Party Plan Guru xx

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