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So You Have Your Team, But How Do You Motivate Them And Keep Track Of Them All??

May 25, 2011

When your making your list of the things that you have to do this week are you also including what your team might be up to??

When you joined the Party Plan/Direct Selling industry did you know where you wanted to be? When I joined my business I knew that I was looking to make a career out of it. I knew that I wanted to be a Regional Manager one day but thinking about achieving this did not go into my head. I knew what I would have to do to get there as my company provided me with a compensation plan, but did I really KNOW HOW TO GET THERE.

Your business is only as good as you make it, I am sure you have heard this before, but it really is. I get asked on emails “How do I Motivate my Team?” and what I always start by asking is “What are you doing at the moment?” the most common points are:

  • I show them the benefits of increasing your sales
  • Giving them incentives, like bottles of wine and vouchers
  • Advising them of the next big promotion within the company that they could attend if they reach the goal

All of these are great things but are they really motivating your team members to what to achieve more out of their business, what they need to remember is that it is THEIR business and if they want to be able to run it like their own business and have financial security that we all crave, offering them a FREE bottle of wine (when they can get a £3.00 bottle at their local Lidl) why would that make them want to do more than they are at the moment???

Motivating your team is very hard to do as every team member has joined you for their own reasons, with Party Plan it is difficult to be able to motivate everyone. I will give you an example of a couple of team members that you might have –

  1. The full-time worker, who has joined you wanting to hopefully finish her job one day and only have her party plan business
  2. The Lady with 5 children who wants to be able to get out of the house of an evening and meet people as well as earning money for herself and family
  3. The girl who never calls you back when she says she will and is always to busy to let you know whats going on with her
  4. The lady who has just joined a day or two ago and is already saying it’s not right for me I think I might quit, I have not party bookings

Just looking at the above fictitious people, who would you think is going to make the most our of their businesses???

Of course it is number 1 and 2, but that does not mean that you just let them steam ahead – the times that people do this is when they fall and they can never get up again. The enthusiasm that was there are the beginning has all but disappeared. I will show you how to work on them in a minute, but for number 3 and 4 what do you do? do you have people like this in your business?

To stop the number 3 and 4 from even happening I always start with an action plan when they have joined, this is a way for you to be able to find out what they hope to achieve in their business and how you will go about in helping them to get there. This action plan will give them a 3 month and a 6 month plan so that both you and them will be able to see what you are going to be doing. For the lady at number 3 making a strict time of calling every week is a great way to start. Advise her that you have set a place in your diary for a 1:1 every week for just her. this will make her feel special, I would also not jump straight in and find out ‘How many bookings’ she has or ‘what she has done to this week’ I would start by asking how SHE is, whats been going on with her and how she has been. This allows you to have a great rapport with her to begin with, many party planners that I have spoken to say that they have left a business because their sponsor/manager is too pushy. When you have the action plan in place for the lady at number 3, you know what she wants to get out of her business and if she is not calling you and is not asking for help, she will not be on target to achieve what she wants. When you find out about her action plan at the beginning you will know why she wants to do party plan, more money, more time with the kids, being able to take them to activity centres as she can not afford to at the moment, all of these things will remind you of what to say and motivate her to get back on track.

Make it personal!!

The lady at number 4 really makes me laugh and over the years I have had a good number of these. They are very excited to get started and they want their kit as soon as they can, but as soon as they get it they turn straight to family and friends to hold parties. Don’t get me wrong family and friends are a great place to start, but in business family and friends do not always have your back. When you speak to her and she is in this state that she does not want to do it, go through a list with her:

  • what groups do you go to?
  • do you take the kids swimming anywhere?
  • how many times do you go to the local supermarket a week?
  • etc

She will wonder why you are asking her these questions, it is all to find out the different areas that she will be able to talk to people about her business and be able to tell people that she is now doing something for herself, she is very excited about it and would like them to see what she has to offer! Bringing some of your team members back to reality has to be done once in a while and you need to be the one to encourage and motivate them to succeed.

You can not motivate your team if 1. you are not motivated and have goals and 2. you don’t know where they want to be in their business.

if one of your team wants to just earn a bit of money and have 3 parties a month that is fine, but you have to make sure that you are then focusing on her sales and her party bookings

If one of your team wants your job then you have the best experience to show her how you did it, it what time frame and who she can achieve this. Taking small steps to achieve the bigger things are the best advice I can give any team manager about their recruits. Your recruits will get there but you have to show them the plan that is going to take them there…….

Below is an example of an action plan that you can use for your team, even if they have been with you a while, give them a ring and find out what they want to achieve –

Recruit action plan (you may need to increase size)

Why not try to do an action plan for yourself, in all businesses they do business plans which show what they want to achieve and how they will get there so why should it be any different with recruiting and personal development within party plan.

The Party Plan Guru xx

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  1. May 25, 2011 10:41 am

    Great article! I have a few agents working for me and find it quite hard to keep the motivation going – its kinda nice to know im not alone!

    We recently had a ‘sit-in’ where i had them all round for a really informal evening for munchies and chat! Started to bounce idea’s off them and feel that it was good to involve them and listen to there feedback – this has really helped the new advertising campaign iv recently started!

    Keep up the good blogs!

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