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The Art of Recruiting Begins with You!!

May 24, 2011

The thought of having to recruit people into your party plan business can sometimes feel people with fear, it should not be this way at all. What are you afraid of? If your business was on the high street and you wanted to earn more money but also help others to do the same wouldn’t you recruit into your business? If you were inundated with party bookings and there was just not enough time in the ay, would you want help to make your customers happy?

In an everyday situation people are talking about their business and how it is going or how busy they are or what promotion they have just received, so why, as party planners/direct sellers do we find it so hard to recruit people into our business?

Have you considered your approach?

Are you a cookie cutter of your up line manager?

Have you just read the brochure and you are now telling people the exact same things they are hearing from others in your company? Sit and think for a moment, what you do when you speak to a potential new recruit?

Have you thought about it? and do you do all of the above?

The Party Plan Guru is here to be able to make potential recruits change their minds about joining a party plan business, but the only way that we can do this is by changing the OLD FASHIONED Party planner that is out there.

I watched “Three in a Bed”, Channel 4 on a Thursday at 8.00pm, and there was a B&B owner on there from Christchurch, Dorset. She had been in the business for about 20 years after her husband died, she was 4 star commended and felt that her B&B would ultimately win the competition. She did not think that you could be in business without being 4 star commended and that everyone had to have such high standards as her.

When they visited the other properties you were able to see that they were all different to each other, one was a lovely manor house in Glastonbury and the other was a 15 bedroom B&B in Newquay. Take a step back from this article and look at the businesses in front of you –

  1. Small 2 bed B&B in Christchurch, Dorset overlooking a stream, 4 star commended and FULL English breakfast.
  2. Manor House in Glastonbury, that does not have TV’s in the room and is quiet and peaceful
  3. 15 Bedroom B&B in Newquay, basic IKEA style rooms with continental/self-service breakfast.

Each and every one of these different and so are there locations in the country. There are different reasons why you would go to one B&B and not the other, but also what attracted you there in the first place. Now to cut a really long story short, the lady in the B&B in Christchurch felt that her standards were the best and that everyone should be judged on her business. She found fault in most things and ended up giving the owners of the two other B&B’s very large lists of things they should do to bring it up to her standards. Am I completely mental, but shouldn’t she of rated the properties based on what those people are catering for????

If i was travelling to Newquay for a weekend away I would probably be going for a fun packed weekend or surfing and shopping and the seaside lifestyle, so my room would not need to be 4 star as long as it was clean and comfortable and well decorated. I would probably be rushing out in the morning and not back until the evening (other than to change at some point) so I would not be worried about having a full english breakfast.

The point that I am trying to make, and I am sure you are all sat there wondering what on earth this has to do with recruiting party planners into my business, well here it is.

  • Find out what your potential recruit wants to achieve from working for herself?
  • Talk to her about the kind of money that she would like to make?
  • If you know the above you will be able to show her how much she would need to work to achieve this?
  • Tell her about you – BE HONEST

The Three in a Bed program last week taught me that why I think people will join my business, maybe totally different to why they want to. I might her certain things that I wish to achieve but they are just happier doing something party time for some extra money. Being a Party planner and wanting to go up the ladder in management is great and well done you, but to get recruits you MUST think outside of the box. Don’t use the same corporate pattern that you have probably used every time before. If it works for your manager, it won’t necessarily work for you. Think about your own personality and how you can help someone to succeed in their business.

What you have to make any recruit aware of is that this is their business and the amount of work they put in will come back on them, if they are looking for something that is going to give them cash in their pocket tonight, then make them realise that this is achievable BUT that will be a lot of work to make happen. If you coach them through everything and show them the areas that they can make money from with the contacts that they know (excluding Family and Friends) then they will see a massive potential.

Have you ever thought about recruiting your hostess?

One tip that I use is Cheques to the hostess (not real ones) when I am adding up her totals and people are starting to leave I speak to the hostess and hand her a cheque for the commission that I earned from her friends tonight. I explain to her that if she was to join the business and to do what I did tonight then she would also be earning this kind of money. It’s a great way to show her that she can earn money when having fun with friends, she will also be able to see it as a figure on a cheque rather than you just saying a figure. People are more receptive when they can SEE the image or value.

Below is a pdf link to what I use:

Cheques to Hostesses

If you would like more help on recruiting for you own specific business then please email as we are offering FREE 1/2 hour sessions for the next 2 weeks via Skype.


The Party Plan Guru xx

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  1. Sue Wilson permalink
    May 24, 2011 12:02 pm

    Hi, I think this is a brilliant idea and so I contacted the Party Guru, who I am pleased say sent me a personalised ‘cheque’ via email, now all I have to do is print it off and use it in my campaign to gain more new consultants.
    Thanks again Party Plan Guru – you are doing a grand job, please keep the ideas coming.
    Love Sue

  2. May 24, 2011 12:48 pm

    Thanks party plan guru, that really is a fab idea, I think I will try doing the same! đŸ™‚

    • May 24, 2011 12:51 pm

      Thats great Lynda, if you never try you wont know, and remember – if she does not want to join, she might even pass it on to a friend. xx Good Luck let us know how it goes xx

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