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How to Host a Party, That People will Remember!

May 19, 2011

I am very much into my TV Reality shows and sometimes I really can get sucked into them, wishing that I had their lives or go to the parties and go to lunch like they do. Yesterday I was watching “Housewives of the OC”, I know I am sad, but this was my 1 hour to myself and I was going to enjoy it. You might be wondering why I am talking about this but I am glad that I watched it and I will tell you why!

One of the Housewives was going to be having a Tupperware party in their home, at the time I did not think that much about it but when I was watching it, I thought that it is such a good idea I had to share it with you. Her party consisted of her and a couple of her friends, of which the husbands also attended and some of them were dressed as Stepford Wifes (image on the left) which meant that the party had a bit of a theme to it. Then when the party was about to start the consultant came in and, to my surprise, it was a drag queen. I am not saying that you all should dress up like drag queens!! But the way that this women/man came across was such a breath of fresh air and made everyone laugh; it made me want a fun party like that.

She/he started by saying “Thank you” for the party and then going into what she does in her/his normal life. “Normally I am flying around the world, I am a model, I model in Milan, Rome, France, everywhere and when I am not jetting across the world I am selling Tupperware” The whole room just roared with laughter and even the men had to laugh.

I know that this was going to be a fun evening as the room had laughter and everyone seemed to be so relaxed and enjoying her talk about Tupperware. Now like I said, I don’t expect you to dress yourself up like a drag queen but having her attitude would be just great.

Making your Party have a theme is great as people are already excited about it. The Stepford wives Party would be great if you sell products like Jamie at Home and Pampered Chef.  If you are a Cosmetic party planner why don’t you get your guests to wear makeup that they wore when they were 16, this is very funny as you will be able to tell when each one of them was 16, especially if it’s the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s. For Candle Consultants, why don’t you have a themed senses party, make people bring a food or an item that they love the smell of, this will allow you to see what types of things they like, soft linen, baby powder, flowers, fruits and the list goes on. If someone brings a lasagne then its a very funny moment, I am sure you can make a joke about a meat smelling product and if you feel it’s appropriate maybe advise that they have come to the wrong party, The Ann Summer’s party is next door.

The point that I am trying to make is that you need to make having a home party as fun as possible, after all you do advertise at have a Home PARTY and that’s exactly what it should be like.

I hope that this has given you some food for thought and really gives you the inspiration to go out there and WOW your party goes with your fun and out-going attitude and amazing party skills.

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The Party Plan Guru xx

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