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Why Doing Your Homework In Party Plan Can Increase Your Sales

May 18, 2011

I don’t know about you but when I am trying to get parties I find the same sort of answers come up when trying to get bookings. I know that we are all in a recession still and we all have to tighten out belts, but you are all in business and in a recession Party Plan/Direct Selling is recession proof, due to people being able to buy a little and have a good giggle at home. So why so we still get the answers of “My friends wont buy anything” or “I can’t have the party anymore as only 5 people said that they would attend”?

Due to all of the above happening to me over the last couple of weeks I thought that I would be pro-active and find out what people thought of Party Planning/Direct Selling and hopefully be able to see where I was going wrong. This will hopefully help all of you to do the same or follow the information I am about to give you.

On in my local area I put a notice on the noticeboard and this is what it read:

I am doing some market research for my business and I wanted to see if I could get some answers from you lovely netmums.
Why would you not have a party plan company at your home?
What attracts you to party plan businesses to have a party?
what types of party plan parties have you had?
I need to get mums to answer these questions, not because I am joining anything it is for an article that I am writing.
Would really appreciate your responses.

I thought that I would get people’s reaction to being asked about their own personal experiences to find out if I could change the way I approached people and asked them to hold parties, or if I could change the way I did parties.

These are the responses that I got:

Julie says: Hi, do you mean parties like Pampered Chef, Ann Summers etc? If so I am put off having such a party because I am worried that my friends will feel obliged to buy and may be watching the pennies so won’t come. I would like to have this type of party as an excuse to get friends together. Have been to Mini iq, Ann Summers, Pampered Chef and Virgin Vie.

The above comments, I found, really helpful as she would like to have parties but do not want her friends to feel pushed into having to buy things. If your sales pitch at the party is fun and like you’re talking to a best friend about the products it should NOT come across as salesy.

Joanne says: What puts me off is that my friends may feel they HAVE to buy something. I know I’ve been to parties and not really wanted anything and ended up buying something (& couldn’t really afford to!) just because everyone else was and I would feel a bit awkward if I didn’t.
In the past I’ve had book & toy parties but wouldn’t know, everyone’s watching the pennies!

I think that consultants need to target people who you know will be interested in the products that you are selling. Books and Toy Parties are great for people about to have children for the first time or that they are struggling with books at school so having a party would allow the hostess to see what their children can achieve when purchasing the books. If you sell make-up and beauty products, why don’t you offer a pamper party (for more than just the hostess) Do you know people who are mobile beauticians? They could come with you and do mini facials or pedicures for EVERYONE over the night with your products.

Sal says: Oh god I hate them! the obligation to buy SOMETHING (usually the cheapest thing on going as its never as good or as cheap as stuff you get elsewhere) been to a few ann summers and clothing and makeup ones like colour me beautiful and body shop, also most bizarrely a woman selling laminated pictures of clocks. They’re not fun they’re usually awkward.

This ladies experience is the one that I hate!! Some consultants out there can come over too much about selling the products and not making your party goers have a good time. This lady will probably never have a party again because of her experience. Going straight into selling your products can be a bit forceful, I know that at the end of the day we are there to SELL, that’s how we make money, but if people feel AWKWARD and UNCOMFORTABLE why would they choose to have you again? Make your party fun at the beginning, don’t go into too much detail about the company and why you work for them, MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH. If they enjoy your company they will enjoy your products!

sophie says: Hi, I have been to body shop parties, pamper parties, a candle party, chocoholics party, and mini iq. The candle one was the worst one, nobody bought anything, it was all really expensive and stuff that looks very pretty etc but you wouldn’t buy it! It is a nice way to get people together but the problem with them is that people say they will be there then drop out or people feel pressured to buy. I bought a lip balm at the body shop party as i had no money but felt obliged! I was considering having a Jamie oliver at home party but decided not to as i just don’t want my friends to feel pressured to spend money they don’t have! Perhaps in the run up to Xmas they are a better idea!

Really?????…….She bought a lipstick as she did not have any money!!! I know that it is frustrating to us party planners/direct sellers when we are expecting to have a great party and then you end up getting £50 in total sales. I am sure the lady above has a lot of people that she knows that she would have been able to get sales even before the party started. If she was not having the party and felt like she had to buy something as no one else did, why did she have a party like that?? When I do my parties, once we have had a couple of games and made everyone feel relaxed, I ask a question, “How many people have seen the products before?”, “How many people have seen the catalogue before the party?” and “How many people will be buying tonight, Honestly?” You might think that I am being pushy???? OH NO…. I am finding out who will have a party for me. If they don’t want to buy anything because they don’t have the money then that’s fine, get them to hold a party and they get free products.

With party plan/direct selling it can sometimes be really hard to get parties for some people, the comments above are to show you that every single one of them said the exact same thing – They friends feeling obliged to buy things, yes this is our business and this is how we make a living. I am sure the people above have jobs, full or part-time, so what if people said they can’t buy their products as they have no money??? they would probably get fed up, just like we do.

What I want to you all to take away from this is that it’s about their friends not having the money and they are worried they will have to buy things, assure your hostess that you are there to SHOW  your products and for them to test them for themselves. Get your hostess to get orders from friends at work and people that they know outside of their main friend circle before their party, which all adds to her sales.

Remember, it’s not you its their friends persuading them its a bad idea, so talk to them and be a friend rather than a sales person and your sales will be there on the night. Also do your own homework in your area. Some people have different reasons for not hosting parties in their home – IF YOU CAN SEE THE PROBLEM, A SOLUTION IS EASIER TO GET TO.

I hope that you have enjoyed this and if you have a problem or a question you want The Party plan Guru to solve just contact us on 01202 896857 or email

The Party Plan Guru xx

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