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How To Recruit People Into Your Party Plan Business

May 17, 2011

Recruiting Tip 1

Recruiting quality people into your party plan business can be one of the hardest and easiest things that you can do. So why do some people find if so hard to recruit new consultants into their business??

I found that when I was party planning for a well-known make-up company I did not get very far at all and this made me feel like I was rubbish and that no one wanted anything from my business. I set myself up for failing before I had even begun. Have you ever looked round the room at a party and thought to yourself, “No one in this room will want to join” or “Everyone in the room has full-time jobs and there is no way that they will want to join”?? The problem with this is that you will automatically mention about joining and if anyone would like to join you then speak to you at the end, but your delivery of this will be weak and almost non caring. Would you join something if someone spoke to you in that way?? You would just think it was a bit of lame attempt, wouldn’t you???

Here are some ideas for you to be able to recruit quality people into your party plan business, remembering that it is how you say it that makes all the difference.

  • Speak from personal experience – so many people use the same points over and over again about their businesses and if you have been to a couple of parties, selling the same products, you will notice that they talk about joining the business in exactly the same way. I have a leaflet in front of me, as I write this, from a well-known adult party business and on the front it says “BECOME AND ORGANISER, YOU CAN EARN UP TO ¬£2750 + IN JUST 3 MONTHS” Really?????? I am sure that you could do this and although people like the figure they start to get pushed away as this sounds like it will be A LOT of hard work and time to achieve it. Break it down to per party or per week (based on 2 parties a week) make it relevant to their lives.
  • Get a forum going on your fan pages or on a coffee-house forum page, find out what people want out of a party plan business and if they would join what are the things that they would look for. Most of the people responding to this will say the same sort of things, but it will give you a great idea what to avoid when trying to pitch your business to people.
  • Remember the reasons that you joined your party plan business – what made you choose them? Did you want to get more out of your work/life balance? How are you doing?? This question is a really good one and is similar to the top of my points, if they can see that you are doing well with your business and that if you can earn money and still do party plan then they will be more interested. Wearing smart clothes and having your makeup done can give people the illusion that you are doing really well. If you walked in, in a t-shirt and jeans your potential recruits may just decide it’s not worth it. Have you ever watched TV and seen the celebrities walking down the street dressed smart, hair and make up done and you just think – I want her life?? Make people want YOUR life!

I am sure that some of these points you have thought about and may even tried, but have you thought about your delivery of these points?? All this week we will be focussing on Recruiting so if you have any questions then please do let us know and you and your business will be featured this week or make a comment on our fanpage

Business – Recruiting Tip 2 Tomorrow

The Party Plan Guru xx

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