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Oh How Lovely

May 16, 2011

Oh How Lovely fashion costume jewellery was born from a love of unusual jewellery bought to you at sensible prices.

Oh How Lovely is a Party Plan Business that is in the Hampshire and Dorset area that has some wonderful and beautiful costume jewellery for every occasion at prices that everyone can afford, Whether you are going out for the night with the girls or to that wedding in the summer of a close friend, Oh how Lovely has something for everyone.

Lizzy from Oh How Lovely talks below about her business:

We have an ever changing range of fashion costume jewellery including delicate silver and real hand picked flowers, wedding jewellery to stand out from the crowd, earrings, cuff bracelets and statement necklaces, check out the online shop at, we only buy small quantities to keep it semi exclusive so when its gone its gone!
There are two ways to buy, at the online shop or why not host a party? 
all you do is get a group of friends to your house, have a fun night in, 
we bring our collection for your guests to purchase on the evening, and as a thank you 
for hosting the party you receive ten percent of sales in jewellery. Jewellery parties are available in Hampshire and Dorset areas.

Lizzy started Oh how Lovely 3 years ago and it is going from strength to strenght, below are a selection of her Jewellery. If you would like to contact Oh How Lovely visit their website at or email for more information about holding an Oh How Lovely Party.

Necklace £39.99

Bracelet £14.99

Flower Ring - £8.99

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