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How Do I Get More Party Bookings

May 13, 2011

This is a question that I get asked everyday, “How do I get more party bookings?” I have been spending my time looking through the internet (as I am sure you have done) and I am so upset with what I have found.

Most of the Party Plan/Direct Selling websites and blogs are telling you the exact same things????? Get parties from Friends and Family and then they continue by telling you what to do when you are at the party, please someone tell me that I am not going mad and what these sites are doing is not help what so ever. If you have a upline manager/area manager/sponsor, most of the things you will have found on the internet are exactly what they have/should have told you to do, am I right??

You may find that the beginning of this article may sound very feisty and I have to say at this moment in time when I am writing this at 9.00pm at night I am getting very angry with the whole lot and am so glad The Party Plan Guru is now on the scene.

Let me show you what I have found and you may have come across these already:

6. When holding your party, tell all of those in attendance that the host or hostess of the party will be receiving free gifts for having held the party in their home. Be sure to mention that the hostess is working towards a goal and needs their help to achieve that goal – it’s OK to go ahead and ask people outright to book a party to help this goal be met by the host or hostess.

Robert Paul Williams is the Editor of Work At Home Business Website

The above has probably angered me a lot more than other’s but if you are reading my blog you want to know how to get party bookings and get potential hostesses to pick up the phone and ring you. Please tell me if I am completely wrong, but wouldn’t the above imply that you have party bookings and that you are doing ok with your business? If so, why are you looking on ways of getting party bookings from me? you sound like you’re doing just fine getting the bookings, some months will be slow and others not so good but that’s the nature of this business and the particular products you sell! Also is this not one of the 1st things we all get taught when we join, whether it be the first ever party plan business we join or a new venture, when you’re at a party make sure that you get at least 2 party bookings at that party and get them in your diary???? So please, please tell me why we are all being taught to suck eggs!!

I saw the below details and thought to myself “Oh great this is going to be a great one!!!! I am sadly mistaken, take a look……

Tips To Get More Bookings And Higher Home Party Sales

As a Direct Sales Consultant, it’s important to keep your dating and booking calendar full. Why? Keeping a full calendar means consistent income for you!

2. Half-Price selections are one of your most valuable tools. Let party guests know they can purchase these products at the half-off price by holding a party with you.

Shelly Hill has been working from home since 1989 in Direct Sales

The first part of this blog really got me interested and I thought I was going to get some great ideas to help out my following Party Planners/Direct Sellers. I thought that I was really on to a winner WRONG!!! The 2nd point was about ‘AT THE PARTY’ yet again. I understand that at the parties this is your best opportunity to get party bookings and to get a different circle of people to the parties, but I want to know how you get the party in the first place, don’t I?? I have to inform you that the 1st point was “Offer an immediate dating gift to someone who books a home party with you and sets a date for the party within the next 21 days”. Really good idea, but who am I talking to at the time???? and once again it goes straight into when you’re at a party.

I know that people reading this might find me ranting about how bad everyone else is doing it, that is not my intention, I am just shocked and surprised that it gives you no more than what I hope you are already thinking about when you have a party for someone???

So now I have had my rant, I will continue to give you some advise that I hope you will be able to run with.

How to get more Party Bookings for my Party Plan/Direct Selling Business.

I wrote an article on getting out there and talking to as many people as you can, I even tested it out myself and then wrote about it. I know that talking to people when you are not in a Party environment can be hard for some people. you don’t want to come across too pushy and demand for their business. I would not suggest pinning them down on the floor and forcing a leaflet in the mouth to book a party, but you should be talking to everyone that you meet about your business. Most people who work for companies, talk about their business, have you ever got home and had a rant or shared your excitement to the husband or the wife or even a friend on the phone on your way home? This is spreading the word, if it was a funny incident your friend or Husband/wife will tell someone else about it as an anecdote. Even if it’s bad I can guarantee that people will still talk about it. I go to the corner shop and a large supermarket almost everyday and almost every time someone says something to me, either “I can’t believe how busy it is today”, “The child screaming in the shop needs to be taken out”, Do you mind if I go in front as I only have a couple of items”, am I speaking to these people about my business?????

You may find it really uncomfortable to start with and I am not saying do it all the time, but today when you go out I am setting you a challenge, speak to one person today that you don’t know, start off with a light-hearted conversation, weather, shopping, queues anything you can think of to start that conversation, then say these words..

I know that you are really busy today, but I have a business (name of business) and I am looking for people, like you, to try a few of my products out to see if I am going in the right direction, (offer a sample if you have one) I just need about 8-10 women/men to test out some products for me. Would you be interested in helping me???

Obviously provide them with a business card and try to get their telephone number and name and say that you will call them to set up an appropriate date for them, advise you will bring everything. Does this sound too pushy for you?????? I have just been told while writing this that it sounds so easy to do???? It is easy, the only thing holding you back is you! Have the confidence, be proud at what you have for these people, be proud of your products, if Lord Sugar did not talk about his products to some one do you think he would have a multi million pound business or still be stuck on the market selling out of the back of a van??? If you don’t tell people about your business, they wont know that they want it, until someone else does it for you, LOST OPPORTUNITY!!

So Good Luck tomorrow, I know you can do it, the first step is the hardest but once you get going you will be running!

Comment on this blog once you have done it and if you found that you get a great/bad response let us know, we always love feedback on the advise we give you. I am going to do it and I will also write a comment when I have done it.

I hope that this works for you and that you try it, Go on what have you got to loose, they will only say NO and I have that 6 times out of ten.

If you would like to contact The Party Plan Guru, please call us on 01202 896857 or email or @partyplanguru

The Party Plan Guru xx

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  1. May 13, 2011 11:00 am

    Especially love the last comment – ‘they will only say no and I have that 6 times out of 10′ – brilliant – that’s 4 yes’ . Understand being afraid of ‘no’s’ – but it’s often harder to be afraid of not asking.
    Thank you

  2. May 15, 2011 9:10 pm

    I have tried thaken a bit of my own advise and used this over the last couple of days and the response has been great for me. Everything that I advice for other’s I also do myself. Not asking is exactly right, but if you don’t ask you never know. That person stood next to your could be your next customer!

  3. May 16, 2011 10:40 am

    Thank you PPG for all your many ideas and helpful advice! I now have loads of great ideas for getting my business out there! Thanks again


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