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5 Steps to Making Following Up Calls

May 10, 2011

I will let you into a little secret – NO ONE likes makings calls out of the blue. How many times have you picked up the phone and thought “Oh no not another sales call!!”??

With outbound calls you really have to be thick-skinned and realise that if they don’t pick up the phone or return your voicemail, it’s not because they HATE you or you are annoying them (even though that is the lie that you are telling yourselves even before you have picked up the phone), it’s usually because they are busy, just like you!

Once you start believing in yourself then the magic will start to happen with out you realising it. Take a deep breath before you make a phone call and really have something in your head or written down so the message you might have to leave (almost 80% of the time) is clear and concise, for example, “Hey Natalie, this is The Party Plan Guru. I have a quick questions for you. Can you give me a call back when you get a chance?” This way, hopefully, the person you are calling is figuring out what you would be calling them for and want to know more, if you give them too much detail in your message, they may have an idea of why you are calling them and decide not to return your call.

Direct Sellers/Party planners have such a hard time getting bookings, as some how people have this impression of us all as two-headed monsters, we are not (I don’t think!!) we are just women (and some men) wanting to run our own businesses and where some people have had a tough experience with some party planners being way too pushy it has, unfortunately scarred them for life!

Here are The Party Plan Guru’s 5 Steps to Making Successful Lead Calls:

  1. Slow down and think about the person you are calling – A lot of Party Planners/Direct Sellers have prize draw forms or ways of data capture. If you are at an event make sure that these are followed up with a call a couple of DAYS after the event. this will allow you to remember the person, rather than not being able to remember the event 4 weeks later. Go through your lists of follow-up calls and think about the person you are calling. If you had a long chat with them (I always write on the back of the form what they were wearing and also any info, like kids or business info) did she seem interested in the products at the event, if so remember what she had her eye on.
  2. Open with and acknowledgement – Never start a phone call being pushy and throwing in at the very beginning that you want a party booking out of them. Start by asking “How they are”, “What have you been up to”, “How’s business or the kids”, when people feel that you are relation to their own life, it makes them so much more relaxed. You will more than likely find out from this conversation that she has been really busy with family, business or life in general and this is a great way to talk about your business. Tell your potential client that having a party will allow her to have a bit of fun with her friends and will give her a break from the normal day-to-day routine. Also remind her that you, as the consultant, are going to partner with her to do as much of the work as possible for her. If she knows you have a  high commitment level and all she has to do is buy a bottle of wine and some nibbles she will be happy and it will be easier for her to say yes.
  3. Advise her why you are calling – Keep with the theme that she has been really busy, “Wow it sounds like you really need a break, why don;t you get the girls together and I have the perfect solution for you” or “Sounds like your ‘super mummy’, I’d love to give you the chance to take a break for just one night”.
  4. Objections – Most of the time you can over come objections without even realising it, but the majority of objections that you will have on the phone are vague and non specific. You can not deal with the objection if she is not giving you on. One of the best questions to use in this situation is “What’s holding you back?” Test it out with a friend or family member that says that they can’t hold a party for you and see if it works! Once they answer it you will over come the reason.
  5. If their answer is still not yes – Follow up, I know it sounds totally crazy, 99% of clients will have said no to you and you find out that they have booked a party with a friend 2 months later and have the cheek to ask you to attend (I have been there!!!!) At some point or another this call WILL book with you, you just need to stay in contact, ask politely “Would it be ok if I follow-up with you in a few months, once things settle down for you? I would love to work with you, so if it’s ok, I’ll just add you to my follow-up list and call back”. Write in your diary the details of the client and then call back in a couple of months, she will be your client soon.

So are you ready to make the first phone call??     How many calls will you make today????

Follow up calls can be really hard but The Party Plan Guru believes that doing things together is so much more fun, if you know a couple of people in the same business get them over and help each other to call your clients. Or if you have someone in another party planning business, why not get them over and the challenge of the night is to get more bookings than her. It will be a giggle for you and take the pressure off, make it fun and happy as this comes across in your phone call.

Need that personal touch – Get The Party Plan Guru over and she will help you to succeed with Follow up calls – 1hr £15.00


The Party Plan Guru xx

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