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Sammie – Party Planner with 2 things on her mind

May 9, 2011

Hi all

I thought i would write my story. I am very new to the world of home parties, but i want to share my experience so far and hopefully it might help someone.

So, here it is…..

I am Sammie. Things to know about me?? I am 28, i have lived in dorset for most of my life. I am a part time step mum, slightly overweight and i live with a very patient man who has embraced my party planning with as much gusto as i have. I dont like change, and when i decided on something, i want it done there and then.

So at the start of this year, i evaluated what i wanted from life from now on. Even if they seem unacheivable, i wanted to list them.

I am only going to share a couple as some of them i.e. finally getting hugh grant to realise i actually am the love of his life, i am sure you will agree are VERY unacheivable.

I decided money and weight were my biggest issues this year. So how do you solve money problems when you work full time and still ends dont meet???

Party planning was the answer. I covered and event for Paula Giles of Peggy and Minnie and loved it. I have been in sales my whole life and I love to meet new people so it made sense to give it a go. I also made the decision to talk to Paula to start Peggy and Minnie and also to do Body shop as well to reach a wider audience.

So far i have had 2 parties. I am not shy so found actually doing them quite easy. However with 2 products its a lot of information to remember. But i am sure that will become easier.

I am enjoying reading the posts on here and learning from them.

Thank you

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