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Tip of the Week –

May 6, 2011

The Party Plan Guru has been searching the internet for a while now and have come across this fantastic website that every Party Plan Consultant needs to be on. allows people wanting to host a party in their home to be able to find the business that they want, you are able to update your own profile and how what areas you want to be featured in.

The basis profile is FREE to be able to upload all of your details to grow your business, you can also upgrade your listing too. I thought that this would be a massive amount of money but it is only £2.99. Upgrading means that you will be able to add more areas to your profile to be able to be seen a lot more.

If your business is not listed then all you have to do it send all your details to the lovely Gavin, through the website and he will sort it all out for you.

Being able to be seen in your area is going to increase your sales so much and if you are only doing the same old stuff everytime and not getting through to many people, do you think it is working??? With anyone looking to host a party they will be able to find you.

I would also suggest that you like them on Facebook at

So whats stopping you, get on to the website and upload your details.

The Party Plan Guru xx

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