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Party Plan Games – May 2011

May 3, 2011

Ice Breakers

So here is the next installement of the Party Plan Game and Ice Breakers for May, do’t forget to leave feedback if you have tried any of the games and how you found them.

“Lucky Lady” Game

Have the consultant bring lots of business cards, one per guest at the party. On the back of one write “LL” for lucky lady. Hand out a business card to every guest and tell them not to tell who has the LL on her card. Before just letting them go, tell them to put the cards in a safe place until the end preferably their wallets or purses so they won’t lose it or throw it away. At the end have the girl with the LL on her card receive a gift, and by now all the other guests have forgotten about their business cards in their purses or wallets so they won’t take them out or throw them away. Now when they think of your party plan company, they will remember your card in their wallet. It’s great for getting your name out there and for booking future parties for the ladies who didn’t want to that night!!

The Clothes peg Game

As each guest arrives, hand him or her a clothes peg. Tell them to attach it to themselves in an obvious spot, and each time they “catch” another guest crossing or uncrossing their legs through out the evening, they can “steal” that guest’s clothes peg(s). This definitely keeps the party from getting too “formal”. Whoever has collected the most clothes pegs at the end of your presentation gets a gift!

For a twist, (I did this for a bride-to-be hostess), have each guest write a message for the hostess on their clothes pegs. Give all the clothes pegs to her and the next time she hangs out laundry, she will be reminded of them!

The Banana Game

This game works for any party plan company.

Just write on your invitation, “BRING A BANANA”.  The curiosity kills everyone and it is a great attendance builder.  They all want to know what the banana is for.   Your hostess must keep the secret to make the game fun.  At the party everyone’s imagination got the best of them.  You have them there, which is what you wanted and the purpose of the game.

You play a points game.  Give out chips, cards, money, raffle tickets, whatever you use and the top points wins the prize. You can make it a bigger prize with a booking from the winner.  Give points for whatever you want.  Biggest, smallest, brownest, greenest, hardest, softest, etc.  When all is done, your hostess serves ice cream/toppings and everyone makes a banana split as the refreshments.  Increases attendance and good for laughs.

The Penny Game

When each person arrives at the gathering give them a penny and tell them to hold on to it for a game later in the evening. When you’re finished with the demo and everyone is about to order tell them about the penny. They have a few options. They can keep the penny as your gift to them. Or they can redeem their penny and save 1p on their order. Or they can give you the penny to “buy” a prize. Tell them ahead of time what the slips say so they can decide if they want to take a chance. If they decide to “buy” a prize, they must draw a slip from your mystery bag! Inside the bag have slips of paper with: 10% off your order, £2.00 off your order, free shipping, choose a gift.  They get to reach in the bag and draw a slip. If they are really lucky, they get to book a party ! They must choose a date that night so have your calendar handy. I’ve booked lots of demo’s from this. Everyone likes to try their luck and it’s a “pressure on them” way to get bookings!! Be sure to mark your slips as to not give away to many expensive items, shipping, etc.

Double Dice

You will need some floor space for this one.  Get everyone in a circle and place some wrapped gifts in the centre, usually a number less than the number of guests.  (Choose inexpensive gifts, small picture frames, votive candle, cute memo pad, etc. G&T’s have some great items for this game.)  When wrapping make the gifts attractive.  Wrap in different size boxes, add colour, bow, or unique wrapping to make them look pretty.  Set a timer for as long as you feel you want the game to continue, this also would depend on the # of guests at the show.

Give dice to hostess and have her roll, if she rolls doubles she gets a gift from the floor, guests continue to pass the dice onto the next person.  Once the gifts are gone from the floor anyone that rolls doubles can take whatever gift they want from someone holding a gift.  End game when you feel all have had adequate time to pass the dice.

This has been one of the most requested games when I host a show that someone has either been a hostess or has attended one of my shows that have played Double Dice.


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