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Results from Tuesday….. and Thursday’s Offerings

April 14, 2011

Hello everyone, sorry that I was unable to post my write-up on Tuesday’s results and follow with Wednesday’s test, however Tuesday turned out to be more surprising than I thought.

Going into other businesses and asking to leave a catalogue or a brochure about your products but don’t be scared once you do the first one, the rest just fall into place. I was very nervous about going into my first shop and even had to walk back and forward to get up enough courage to go in.

Finally I went in, the first business I went to was a Hairdressers and they were not massively busy so that was good, I was able to talk to the manager and ask to leave a few leaflets for my business and also left a catalogue, I gave the business an offer that if I got some bookings based on someone picking up a leaflet from their business I would provide them with a free gift (you can choose what you would like, whether it would be a discount or product, it is your choice)

After the first scary one I managed to get around 10 in the morning and as I was busy in the afternoon I was unable to do anymore, the afternoon was a doctor’s appointment so even there I left leaflets on the side and gave details to the receptionist. I think that this went really well at the end of the day I had to tell myself the worst that is going to happen is that they say NO and that is it. Keep telling yourself exactly the same from Tuesday, the more people who know about your business and see that you are around then the better your chances are that you will get bookings and increase sales.

The point of doing what I am doing is to show you that what they do in America works for them, so what is that they do that we don’t?  From what I can tell half way through the week is that they talk to people, they are not ashamed about their business or even asking people for the business. I think that we in England are just too embarrassed about having to ask for the business, like we sound desperate or something. This is NOT the case and we should not hang on the idea that people will be nasty to us. If they don’t what to book anything or are not interested in the products that’s fine, but don’t be scared of the word NO.

I also believe that it has a lot to do with the self esteem that we have in ourselves, that we are scared of rejection and don’t want to be in that situation, you have to think past that, it’s not you they don’t like they are just not interested in the product at that time. If they take away a brochure and had it to someone else, that person might be……………

So after my success on Tuesday I decided continue on Wednesday and although I did have an appointment in the afternoon I continued to take my brochures and leaflets everywhere I went, you never know, that one person you meet today could be the customer of your dreams!!!!

Good Luck and let us know at of your exciting ways of getting bookings.

Thursday 14th April 2010

This one is not going to be possible for me to achieve in one day but I will be organising it and letting you know the response that I get and if you are a party planner in the SOUTH of the UK you are going to want to keep reading.

“New Places and Environments To Host Parties”

Mutliple Hostess and Party Planner Night.

If you are like me and sometimes find it hard to get people to have a party with you at their home why not organise an event where there is more than one Party Planner there showing different products than yourself and start inviting ladies. It is almost like a ladies night but where people can see the products they need to and hopefully enjoy the night so much that they wish to have a fun party in their home. It will give people a chance to have a look around over a lovely glass of wine and you may even find you can get a recruit or two at the same time.

I will let you know how I get on tomorrow.

The Party Plan Guru xx

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  1. April 14, 2011 11:47 am


    Congratulations on finding the courage to venture into these businesses. It’s great to see that your nervousness was soon replaced with excitement when you began to see the results! I bet you felt great after doing it!

    I do a lot of team coaching on how to approach businesses with a view to leaving brochures, literature and baskets of products (in our case, greeting cards). From walking through the door, simple easy scripts to use and getting the results you want. It is so rewarding to see team members who feel they could never do ‘that’ to becoming so enthused and confident. It’s the START that STOPS most people – well done on your achievement!

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