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How it all went and Tuesday’s offerings

April 12, 2011

Had a very stressful on Monday with SHOP, SMILE and SHARE, is it me or are people just not that happy at the moment????

I went out shopping on Monday to test out the SHOP, SMILE and SHARE party booking idea and I have to say it was a little unsuccessful. Was this because it was a monday or was it just because people were just not reseptive even with the offer of FREE products. I did my normal shopping day and ventured in to the local Natwest Bank, Tesco and Superdrug to try out the concept of talking to people about my business and about having a party with me. Well, the bank were just too busy and took a leaflet from me and said that she might put it up in the staff room for me, seems odd that they are not interested in one of their business banking people. Tesco’s was much the same, although the lady behind the till was more interested in my son than anything I had to say about my business.

Superdrug on the other hand was dead when I walked in, I had a wonder round the shop and picked up a nail polish and face moisturiser and went to the till to pay, when at the till I started to ask if she has had a party in her home where people come and sell products to her friends. She had and not surprising these were the most common ones and some very old fashioned ones. She seemed very interested with the products that I had to talk about and that she would be interested in being able to get some products for free (especially when she saw my bag!!!) but was not prepared to commit to having a party there and then.

Although I feel that I did not get much response form the people that I did see today, I think that in the long run this will be good. The more people that I see on a day to day basis I am just going to mention my business and that I do party plan, it can not hurt!! I don’t think that you should expect people to say “Yes I will have a party what date can you do”” straight away but those people that I saw will take that leaflet away and have a good read, go on the website to find out more and could be booking a party with me in the next month.

I typed up a voucher for £10 towards your next purchase and gave that to the people I saw. It states on there that you would need to book a party in April or May to be able to redeem, giving the ladies a deadline to be able to use it.

For me this was very much out of my comfort zone but I took a deep breath and just went for it. Don’t be scared to talk to everyone about your business, although some people may think that you are mad and my try to hurry you along there might be 1 out of the 10 you talk to that is serious about booking and party and will get back to you. People now a days are so quick to think that you are going to push them into something that they don’t want and very defensive to begin with. What I say is that “I am starting this business and trying to reach out to new customer’s, it might be something that you are interested or not, or you may know someone that is interested but it”s worth having a look as there is something for everyone”

What I have learnt about this experience is that no one knows I am there selling my products unless I tell them. No one is better at marketing you than YOU, so if you are going shopping today or even to the post office the challange is to tell at least 1 person about your business and see how it goes for you. You might even be luckier than me!!!!!!!!

Let the Party Plan Guru know how you get on with your comments.

ON TO THE NEXT ONE – 12TH APRIL 2011 (Day Two)


Today is Tuesday and I will be putting my leaflets everywhere, I am going to the doctors, the dentists, the hairdressers anywhere I can out my leaflet I will be doing. I have even been giving the idea of putting a leaflet in the centre of a couple of books in the libary too, sneeky but it may work so I am going to give it a go today.

Wish us Luck

The Party Plan Guru xx

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  1. Sue Wilson permalink
    April 12, 2011 10:52 am

    Onwards and upwards eh – well done for getting the courage to speak up for yourself – you’re right of course, no one knows about your business if you don’t tell them and after time it will get easier I’m sure. I babbled away to my hairdresser today, she left (shes mobile) with a brochure and party leaflet – who knows she might just book lol or at the very least tell/show her friends!
    Im going to adopt the ‘tell at least one person everyday about your products’ idea.
    Looking forward to following your adventures with great interest.
    Saturday will be fun for me – I still have hardly any voice and I’m doing a charity event – I’m wondering whether I can learn sign language in time lol.
    Sue x

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