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Forever and a day – Trish Wheeler

April 12, 2011

My background is varied, I used to work with horses; I’ve run pubs; I’ve worked for the Police; worked in schools as Admin Officer. It was 13 years ago that great friend of mine walked into my kitchen with one of Forever’s products.Aloe Vera Gel. (drinking gel). She told me to put it in the fridge, drink it every day as it would make me feel better. I didn’t like the taste, but drank it. First bottle over, phew. She insisted I needed a second bottle and explained that all the products had a 60-day money back guarantee so I thought i’ve got nothing to lose. So the second bottle, I had. 10 days into the second bottle, I realised that all my symptoms of IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, had gone. I didn’t for, one moment, think it was the Aloe Gel. However, after 3 or 4 days of no symptoms I rang my friend to enquire. Yes, she said, it does help with IBS. I explained that i’d had IBS for 20 years and that I’d been told, my the doctors, there wasn’t a lot they could do for me – live with it! So suddenly to have no symptoms was AMAZING. I was so excited. My life back! I carried on drinking the aloe (and still do to this day); my skin improved; my energy improved and I wasn’t getting ill – no coughs colds or anything! In fact I haven’t been poorly for about 9 years! Forever Aloe Vera Gel – is definitely my favourite product.

I was asked to look at the business opportunity, but I wasn’t interested. In fact I said ‘NO’ very firmly for 2 years. However, circumstances do change in peoples lives and 2 things happened to me in June 1999, that changed my life forever. My daughter, my youngest child, was born – exciting, 2 days later, my mum died – devestated. Suddenly I had the urge to find a way of working from home, earning an income but I didn’t have a clue what I could do. I started to look and look at so many differents things – different ideas – different companies. I couldn’t find anything that sat right with me – I have high values and I wasn’t prepared to lower them just to be able to work from home. My friend, Kate, came along and invited me to have a look at the opportunity that Forever Living had to offer – I reluctantly went along as I’d said ‘NO’ for so long. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it ticked all the right boxes; I could work around my two children, aged 4 years and 4 months; working at my pace; no-one judging me; no-one telling me what to do! Bliss.

11 years on, I’m a Manager in Forever and I’m probably more excited about the Forever opportunity as I’ve seen what this company has to offer; the rewards for hard work are incredible; the way of life you can have from working hard; I worked hard at my jobs and didn’t get any of the benefits; rewards; thanks; recognition that I get from Forever. I work with like minded people and I so love helping people improve their health, because without good health we haven’t really got a good life. I also love helping people to succeed.

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