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The Party Plan Guru – A Week Helping You…..

April 11, 2011

So The Party Plan Guru is going out all this week and will be writing a blog on what happens, so you can follow the techniques and hopefully use them for your business. There is no point in The Party Plan Guru telling and advising you to do something, if we have not tested it out.

I have spent days and hours searching the internet for tips and hints on booking more parties and getting recruits, and to be honest got very confused and frustrated that there is so many tips from America, then when I thought about it America has some of the best Party Planners out there. Is it because America is into Party Plan more than us British People or is it because they are doing something that we aren’t?????

Everyday The Party Plan Guru will let you know what they will be doing that day, how it felt to do it and also if anything good came of it. We would love your comments on anything we try and if you have ideas that you are not sure about trying, Let the Party Plan Guru try it out first and see how it works out.

Today is the first day that we will be trying something and until Friday we will be doing something everyday to help out all you party planners out there to be successful in your own business.

Monday 11th April 2011

Today is SHOP, SMILE AND SHARE – I will be going out and about shopping as usual today and when I go into a shop I am going to be showing my products off to everyone that I meet. From the lady at the cash desk to the person behind the bank till. For my products I don’t have any sample’s to hand out other than leaflets and business cards but if you have a sample products that you can leave with people that would be great. I will be giving everyone I speak to today a gift certificate for £10 to spend on my products if they book a party with me for April or May. I was tempted to show an item that they will have if they hold a party, however, what if it is something that they wouldn’t buy they probably would not book a party.

You dont have to have anything unique and even if you are party of a direct selling business that you think they might alright know someone that does it, it doesn’t matter, if you don’t speak to these people you will never know and might be loosing out on a customer. Some of these adventures this week might souind crazy to you and you might be thinking “I would never do that” so that is why The Party Plan Guru is testing it before, to make sure it works and to give you personal tips on how it could work for you.

Watch out this evening for my post about how I got on and if I managed to get any bookings…………………………

The Party Plan Guru xx

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  1. Sue Wilson permalink
    April 11, 2011 7:10 pm

    I can’t wait to see how you got on today – great idea taking it a day at a time – I’m hooked waiting to see what you’re up to next haha.

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