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Earn and Have Fun with Peggy and Minnie @ Yours

April 3, 2011

Would you like to earn an extra £225.00 a week for only a couple of hours work??

Peggy and Minnie@ Yours is a completely different type of Party that you would of had, sure you have been to jewellery parties before in your friends homes or even your own, but Peggy and Minnie @ Yours is different as everything they sell means something to the wearer.

Lets tell you about it first:

Peggy and Minnie@ Yours is where you will find up to the minute jewellery and accessories designed to make you look and feel great. Our range only includes items that are personal or meaningful to the wearer and of course a bit different.  In a land of bland, we want to give you the opportunity to wear something that says something about you, inspires you or is a talking point.

Our unique and copyrighted Crystal Kids birthstone charms give you the opportunity to create your own completely individual necklace or bracelet that represents your loved ones, and means that you can always keep them close.

Don’t miss our funky, colourful and inspirational friendship bracelets, from the personalised Ribbonz Initials range to the Threadz and Bandz Flips with messages of love and encouragement. Explore also the evening bracelets and personalised bridesmaids gifts.

You won’t be able to miss our fabulous ranges of gorgeous overnight bags, tote bags and birthstone jewellery .  Now – that’s distinctive!

Check out some of our products ranging from £5.00 to £49.95

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Whats in it for you????

  • 30% Commission (Party Sales of £250.00 your earn £75)
  • You can sell the products anywhere you like (Just not on Ebay)
  • Choose your own hours
  • Fits in to your work/life balance
  • Training and support provided from a very friendly run business
  • Great Manager Support
  • No Sales targets, or x amount of parties in a month to undertake – you work when you can – everyones family circumstances are different so you can fit everything in
  • Easy 3 monthly payment start up – just £50 to join today!!
  • Our unique Crystal kids Birthstone Jewellery can not be found anywhere else than a Peggy and Minnie @ Yours Consultant and we have exclusive rights to the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, France and Spain.
  • Fun and beautiful products that everyone will want to have and give as gifts.

Peggy and Minnie @ Yours is not about pushing people into buying or selling and that is what is so lovely, but be warned to products just sell themselves so you might be busier that you think.

Call Paula on 07843 662770 or email to find out more and recieve an information pack.


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