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The “Wish List”

March 27, 2011

Recently I got told about a really good way of selling to people that were not even at the party or event I went to. As we all know with Party Plan it’s mainly women that attend (men please correct me if I am wrong) and some women tend to not spend money because their other half has told them not to (but when has that stopped us!)

I am not sure about you but I find some women just wont do anything unless they have spoken to their Husband/Partner first?? Are we still living in the dark ages where their tea had to be on the table as soon as they walked in from work? and the fact that some of us run the family home, look after the kids and also run successful businesses from home mean nothing. Well anyway, I have found that some women use this to not buy anything at the parties that I have attended.

Ha ha, The Party Plan Guru has a plan – I found this really unique way of getting the Husband’s/Partner’s that say DON’T BUY ANYTHING to buy products themselves and I have to say it does seem to be working quite well!

The Party Plan Guru has created a “Wish List” (some companies are using ones of their own for gift ideas etc) The lady in question will fill out what she would like to order from the catalogue and fills in the details (ie, email address and name) of her Husband/Partner. When we then return from the party and sorting out the orders, I simply send an email to the Husband/Partner explaining that I met his lovely Wife/Partner today at a party at …………….. house and ……(Wife/Partner)……….. filled in a wish list form. I know that her birthday/mother’s day/ any day really is coming up and I thought, instead of your traipsing round the shops, looking for that speacial gift I have the information here.

I can have the products with you in ……….. days all wrapped and ready to present to her.

I am sorry for all the men out there, but they can be complete suckers when it comes to easy options and means they don’t have to spend time shopping for a gift that they can’t be bothered to do, or even know what they are looking for in the first place.

I have to say a short apology to the men out there that do do lovely things for their wife’s/partner’s and are very thoughtful and helpful, but for the men out there, that are as I mentioned, need a help in hand The Party Plan Guru has your back.

The Party Plan Guru xx


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