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Loving the Business Your In

March 26, 2011


My name is Paula Giles and I have a beautiful boy called Harry (11 months), I used to work in a Hotel in Bournemouth doing, on average 50-60+ hours a week, I was even very tempted to go back to work after my 9 months maternity leave. I was a business women and I have always worked since I was 14 years old. The problem was that Harry, like every mums newborn babies, he was the most beautiful and adorable little boy in the world that I just could not part myself from him and the thought of going back to my job (that I loved before) was just not going to happen!!!

I had a lot of different things happen to me in the first couple of months with Harry and his father and got into a state of depression and also did not want to go out of my home, I shut myself away. This in turn ment I was doing the same to Harry, being working all my life and then nothing had its affect on me too, so I just went on the internet one night and found a company that would allow me to get out and talk to people as well as being able to get Harry to meet some friends too.

Peggy and Minnie @ Yours is where you will find up to the minute jewellery and accessories designed to make you look and feel great. Our range only includes items that are personal or meaningful to the wearer and of course a bit different. In a land of bland, we want to give you the opportunity to wear something that says something about you, inspires you or is a talking point.

Our unique and copyrighted Crystal Kids birthstone charms give you the opportunity to create your own completely individual necklace or bracelet that represents your loved ones, and means that you can always keep them close.

Don’t miss our funky, colourful and inspirational friendship bracelets, from the personalised Ribbonz Initials range to the Threadz and Bandz Flips with messages of love and encouragement. Explore also the evening bracelets and personalised bridesmaids gifts.

You won’t be able to miss our fabulous ranges of gorgeous overnight bags, tote bags and birthstone jewellery . Now – that’s distinctive!

I would be mixing in the mums and grandmother circles with going to toddler groups and play groups and I could take it with me throughout Harry’s years at school, which was perfect.

I am currently the only person in the South of the UK selling Peggy and Minnie @ Yours products and I have to say it was a bit daunting but I could see the potential and with just me in the area I thought that I could be regional Manager by Christmas 2011.
I still have this goal and I have to say I can see it happening as well as the products are just wonderful and the fact that they mean something to the wearer is even better.

Peggy and Minnie @ Yours has not just allowed me to create a business from Home and be able to work when I am able to but it also has allowed me to create a decent furture for Harry, things could of gone a very different way and Peggy and Minnie @ Yours probably saved me from something terrible.
Having a Party is so great with Peggy and Minnie @ Yours, its a just a way to see lovely jewellery, Bags and Scarfs in the comfort of your own home. You can touch the products, change the combinations and really see what you will end up with at the cost that you want. Our products start from as little as £5.00 so no one will feel bad about spending too much money, or can not find anything to buy for under £25.00.

If you would like to join us and get Peggy and Minnie @ Yours to be a house hold name it would be great to have you, please contact us for more details at or have a look at our products at or our facebook page

Thank you for taking the time to read this
Paula Giles
Peggy and Minnie @ Yours Consultant.
07843 662770

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