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March 19, 2011

Hello everyone and welcome to The Party Plan Guru, I am here to help you with, getting Party Bookings, recruiting consultants and also helping you chose what party to have if your looking for one. There will also be product reviews so that you can see all of the newest and hotest things out there at the moment, to help you make that decision as to what Party your friends and family would most like coming to.

Every week The Party Plan Guru will be showcasing some of the best Party Planners out there and will also be doing Mystery Shops to show the difference in Party Consultants out there. So if you are a party consultant then WATCH YOUR BACK THE PARTY PLAN GURU IS COMING TO GET YOU.

We really would appreicate your feedback and if you have had a party recently and would like to say what you thought about it we would like to hear from you, so get your emails in to

We hope that this will also give loads of support to Party Planners everywhere and allow you to get up the minute information on anything that is new and also somethings that are old but making a come back.

The Party Plan Guru. xx

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